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{Moved from General} V Twin or I4?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Evvy886, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago in the Welcome Lounge as I am a new member and wanted to say firstly I made the first step in getting on a bike....and that is I got my Learners YAY for me ha.

    Was stoked with my score and cannot wait to get the money together for my RE license and LAMS bike.

    Anyway this post is really just a question regarding the difference between an inline 4 and a V twin.

    The bikes I'm looking at currently are pretty much the Honda CB400 and any of the Suzuki variations, the notable difference is that Suzuki is the V twin and Honda is the I4. I like both bikes a lot, mainly the naked models, interestingly I really like the Suzuki models from the 250 up to the 650's, they have a really nice look, yet the Honda CB400 is also a beautiful bike and is heaped with praise.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts and opinions based on experience of the aforementioned models...

    Is the difference being where the power is found in the V twin and the I4?

    Cheers Ev
  2. Big difference bw the CB400 and the GS500. Not sure about the others. I like a big twin. In your case I recommend the CB. Probably still the best of the LAMS.

    Make the twin your next bike.
  3. Don't rule out a parallel twin eg ER6n. Torquey son of a biatch they are and torque equals fun.
  4. V twin engines of a given capacity will generally have more power lo-mid in the rev range than a I4 of comparable capacity, and the I4 will generally have more power in the upper rev range. This disparity in where they make their power is even more obvious in LAMS bikes of small capacity. So you can generally be a bit more lazy on a twin in terms of your gear changes and keeping your engine in its power range.
  5. Is a Suzuki Bandit 250 V twin? If so has anyone ridden one and found that they are quite a good bike?
  6. They're an inline 4 from memory. Virtually same engine as the suzuki across. I've ridden an across and that had decent power for a 250. Had to be revved to use the full power though. My favorite of the naked 250s was the Honda Hornet 250. They look great and appear bigger than a 250. Uses the cbr250rr engine.
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  7. Its the old story. Try to ride them all if you can, and see what you like best. I love the inline 4 over the cb500 twins, but its horses for courses.
  8. If you are commuting regularly then go a twin every time, the torque in traffic at lower reves will be you friend.

    ER6-NL nit a bad choice for a LAMS bike, cheaper than than the CB.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Which would be better fuel economy wise? I'm guessing the twins because they are not revving as hard.
    Also motor wear and tear may be different.
    Correct me if I am wrong though.
  10. dont think it really matters when it comes to a lams bike. As long as you stick with the big names you will be fine. Honda, zuki, Kwaka, yammy. All comes down to personal preference and what you want from the bike, sports, cruiser, commuter.

    The big decision will be when you move up onto your first litre bike, if thats what floats your tinnie.
  11. Nah not that simple. I know in the 1000cc bikes, the v twins like an SV1000 will drink considerably more than my gsxr1000 4 cylinder
  12. Ok, thanks I didn't realise.
    What about middle class bikes, 600cc and such?