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{Moved from General} Tweet is regretted, but not hit-&-run

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by David@DHill, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Can you believe this?

    The post is her biggest regret? Not the part about hitting someone and failing to stop?

    Am I wrong, or is she basically saying "I'm actually only sorry I got caught."
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  2. Phones and drivers. GRRRRRR.

    Reading in the news yesterday, a girl who killed someone while checking google maps on her phone! 3 years, fully suspended. Even while awaiting trial, she got booked again for the same thing!

    Some lessons will never be learned by those who cannot.
  3. That's what shits me about reduced sentences because of the perp's so-called deep remorse. Most times they are sorry about getting caught, not for what they did.
  4. Touch your phone while in control of a car and think it should be a $10,000 fine mandatory, lifetime to pay, no excuses.
  5. Okay. Then all you smokers $20k fine for smoking in your car. Drinking that drink or eating that burger $30k fine. See the problem. I think you'd be picked apart

  6. Yeah, they'd pick me apart... but to be honest, I don't smoke anymore (and most company cars these days won't let you smoke in their car for example), I never eat while I'm driving, never drink while I'm driving.

    But hey - that's just me. I'm a f.ucking weirdo. For some reason i think that people should concentrate while they drive. What a revolutionary idea.
  7. Can't agree on that one Devil. Big difference in eyes glued to a phone and mouth wrapped round a burger.
    Anyway been discussed ad nauseum in other threads so bailing out.
  8. I agree. Yet there I already laws that can be used, just they rarely do and only pick on mobile phone use.

    Really. You think? What about when that burger slips all over your lap? And you try to stop it? Doesn't matter as said it has been discussed and will continue

  9. I heard one time, and I don't know if true or not, but is a fantastic idea...

    I heard that in Melbs, undercover cops would stand on city streets at the cross-walks, and when they saw a driver use a phone when they pulled up at lights, they would approach them.. tap on the windscreen and tell them to pull over, then book them.

    I think it's genius if true, and if not true, they should make it happen in every state.
  10. That word alone due to it's no australian but highly American deserves a million dollar fine with 2 weeks to pay followed by a public flailing.
    they are fukking CROSSINGS
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  11. Haha! Actually, they say that in Canada as well, and they are the nicest people in the world. I must have subliminally picked that up while i was over there earlier this year.
    BTW, "cross-walk" not only refers to pedestrian crossings, but any street crossing, such as at traffic lights, etc...

    Please don't fine or flog me...
  12. You know what you can't say in Canada?
  13. What's wrong with the odd flogging between friends ?
  14. Soggy sayo?
  15. Normally Canadians hate being called American.

    Nothing! But depends on who's doing the flogging.
  16. Really, I left that one wide open and you didn't pick up on it

    NSFW btw. Bad language. Don't listen if your ad sensitive to language
  17. Yeah - 747 dude... still don't get it.
  18. Oh yeah, the old c.unt. Yeah I knew that. It's like that in the US as well.

    If you look up c.unt in urban dictionary, it's hilarious because in the US, its the most offensive thing you can say, but in Oz and England, it's a term of endearment said between mates... eg:
    Heya c.unt? how's it goin'?

    :D :ROFLMAO:
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  19. Not so sure about that mate, last bloke I called a **** in England got me a night in the cells - he was in Police uniform at the time though.
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  20. Yeah, but it's *how* you say it that matters! :D