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{Moved from General} Too far in the deep end?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by viiictor, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!

    I know this may sound like a shallow question, and it is mind you :p I used to ride a CBR250RR as a learner (for a bit more than 6 months) which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has been almost 2 years since I last rode, and I was looking at 600cc super-sports to get back in. HOWEVER 1000cc super-bikes were almost identical in price. So the question is... is it a logical choice??
  2. Go the 1000 mate. More torque, easier to ride. Even if your just cruising u don't have to rev it as much and less changing down gears when your looking for power. Just go easy on the gas if your coming off a 250.
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  3. every time I answer a post I get banned. guess it's expired again, so you get my one post for a week. lucky you.

    it's a simple question. do you want the girls bike or the mans bike ?
    because basically the 600 is the same bike, just made for girls.

    do an advanced course or 2. learners and p's teaches you nothing to do with riding a supersport. hart provide bikes, so you don't have to push the envelope on your new shiny gixxer. I guess other trainers do too.
    you can thrash the shit out of their bikes though.
    which is where you need to be comfortable at. when you can chuck around their POS 600's. banging them of the limiters everywhere.
    then the 1000 will be the right bike for you. basically because you won't ever find it's limits on the street. you will back of rather than pinning it everywhere you go. which kinda makes you a safer rider.
    you will respect the 1000 or it will bite you.

    seriously get the training though. it will fast forward your learning and get you comfortable on a bigger bike. instead of slowly growing into the new bike.

    but definitely go the thou with your purchase. hell yeah. lifes too short. do it.
    you have 11 points. should last this summer. enjoy.
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  4. Test ride, Test Ride. Test ride

    Don't buy a bike based on someone else's opinion that questions your masculinity.
    Test ride as many bikes as possible. Even ones that aren't in your top 5.
    Get what's right for you. Your the one that will be riding it.
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  5. Go test ride the bikes.

    I think you will find a few things, the bikes you are interested in are significantly larger in physical size than a baby blade, and;

    your average 600 is significantly more powerful than a baby blade and a 1000 even more powerful.

    you will either shit yourself and feel intimidated by the physical size and power or think to yourself "meh, whats the big deal?"

    the way some people talk about litre bikes, I can only assume they have never actually ridden one.
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  6. I ride a litre bike almost every day...rain, hail, or shine...

    Difference between a 1000 and a 600.,,,?
    The 1000 is a much easier bike to ride. 600's don't make a lot of power at low revs, making all their power higher in the rev range.
    Commuting on the 10r, I rarely use more than idle to 5K rpm and that will easily see off all but the wildest traffic light wannabees..

    Best attributes of either size bike is the sharp handling and excellent brakes. When I think back to the camels we used to race in the 80's, today's bikes and tyres are miles beyond anything we even dreamed of back then.

    All that said, if your last ride was a 250RR, 2 years ago, be prepared for a major awakening....that 20+ year old underpowered, porky, bouncy, POS that you last rode in almost no way prepares you for whats to come.
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  7. And if you still can't decide, there's always the GSXR750 (y)
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  8. you will be faster on the 600cc
  9. Appreciate the responses! Sounds like 1000cc is the way to go. Don't give 2 rodent's posteriors about masculinity hahaha. Is it much harder to filter in traffic with the slightly extra size? Why are you so sure I will be faster in the 600cc? I'm 170cm so would most of the 1000cc be too big?

    Thanks again!
  10. After test riding a could of 600 class bikes and a CBR1000RR I can say that coming from LAM's the litre bikes actually aren't that bad if you get one with plenty of midrange and is friendly also.

    The biggest problem I found with the 1000 is you cant rev the dam things out if you value your licence (remember you are looking at around 150km/h in first gear). I definitely enjoyed play with the throttle more on the 675 and using the power band but of course your evil side still wants the ridiculous street bike :)
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  11. My advice is to test ride a heap of 600's and a heap of 1000's and then buy the one you like the most - also give the GSXR750 a go as well.

    Some people can jump straight from a 250 to 1000, other people can't. The only way to know is to try.
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  12. ^ Wonders why he gets banned... :rolleyes:

    And where did he write that he was getting a gixxer specifically?

    Maybe have a look at the "do you NEED a bigger bike" thread... ;)
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  13. Personally I'd rather a 600 or 750 every time. They're much more forgiving of rider error and you can open it up without fear of flipping the thing. 750, 636 and 675 are the sweet spot sizes imo.
    If you're worried about the physical size, the current cbr1000rr and rsv4 are tinny.
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  14. Sarcasm?
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  15. I don't know why ????

    hypothetically speaking I would assume, but never dare insinuate, that it's possibly because Nertrider has the most anally retentive moderators in the history of the universe.

    SERIOUSLY. I think that's pretty fcuking obvious.

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  16. Well actually funny thing is Gixxers were the only ones I wasn't looking at. Top 3 are Fireblade, R1, and ZX10R (in no particular order). I hopped on the Gixxer 750 at one time and it felt too tall, don't know about the general guidelines at the moment but I read somewhere that your 2 feet should be able to touch the floor.

    I mean in general, what I'm scared of doing with the 600cc is ride it for a bit, and a few months or a year later ditch it for a 1000cc anyways. So it would be a better choice to start off with the 1000cc regardless of rev-ablility.
  17. Triumph Daytona 675R. A lot of bike for the money.
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  18. I went from a zxr250c to a 94-96 cbr 900 ( 4 months ) to an K6 gsxr1000.
    The only thing i did was take the quick throttle off the k6 and it's a lovely daily.
    I'm quite short 164cm 64kg and have super short legs too, but i can tip toe the ground.
    The bike is easy to filter on if i feel like it, and hasn't felt 'too big'.
    I rode a few 600's when i was looking, and i found the same thing, people wanted heaps for them, and they had done heaps of K's. They felt small, but ok.
    I can say though, with the extra torque, it's still super easy to ride when i've got a pillion.
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  19. Hi mate . Have a look at the thread " CBR1000RR Fireblade " originally posted by Edward VH if you haven't already . Some important questions for you - what will be your main usage ? Pillioning much at all ? Only form of transport or not ? All these things can have an effect . As others have said , test ride test ride test ride . Try to look outside the box , if you know what I mean . But in the end it's your money/choice - you've got to be happy with it .
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