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{Moved from General} This is What I Did. What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Petesul, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Today I went for a 150km ride to Yarra Glen, Chum Creek, Healesville, Woori Yallock, Cockatoo, Emerald.
    Coming into Emerald approaching from the east, the railway gates were down for Puffing Billy (if u are not from Melbourne, great tourist steam train ride - take your kids). There were 20 cars in a queue. I then hit the right blinker and rode down the wrong side of the road (single land two way road) and pulled in in front of the front car not crossing double lines at the gates, flicking on the left blinker to do so.
    I took off well ahead of the long queue of cars and tooted and waved to the train passengers as the road ran parallel to the train.
    Ignoring the tooting etc, was this appropriate?
    And what did you do that you cannot be sure whether or not it was OK?

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  2. sounds good to me :)
  3. Nothing wrong with this
  4. I would do the same,except for the tooting.BUT expect on occasion some resentment from the waiting car drives.Had a coupled of comment at ferry access points.But it better than being held up by them on good bike roads.You don't hold them up when your in front but that is beyond there brain capacity to process.
  5. That's one of the reasons we love ridin isn't it???
  6. Queues are for cars. The only ones you should ever wait for is if you have to collect a ticket or drive thru where you slow everyone down. Otherwise they won't even notice you.

    But be sure to give it some when you leave the line. That way they will never notice you're there and it's way more fun.
  7. Typical conversation in at least one of the cars:
    Wife: Look at that rude so and so pushing in like that...
    Him: Yes dear..mmmmm :sneaky:
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  8. Thanks guys. Thought it might be Ok. The tootin' and wavin' was done after the gates went up and I had gone - just me having too much fun.
  9. I love it when this happens, cause it means you buffer a nice clear run into the twisties. I also enjoy doing it when they have the automated one way road work lights :)
  10. Sometimes I wait until nearly the last minute before I filter to the front of the queue. The longer some drivers have to think about it, the more their irrational resentment festers and ferments. Wait long enough and they'll built a case in their twisted mind for maiming you.
    The dangerous ones are easy to identify because they park their car as close to the barrier as possible to assert their claim.
  11. I could have gone up on the left of the cars (like a push bike would have). Tell me the difference.
  12. I lane split at every set of lights.
    I think its a bikers privilege considering we put up with wind,rain,insects and bad car drivers.
    I wouldnt feel bad about it at all.
  13. whichever gives you the best lane positioning.
  14. It's what I do.
  15. Would have done the same my self. Every set of lights, every crossing. We delay no car
  16. Seems fine to me. It's what I'd do.

    On my commute home there's a short stretch between 2 round-a-bouts which is often backed-up for a few hundred metres (part of Wagga 'rush 15 minutes). It's a single broken white centre line, so if there's nothing coming the other way, i'll pull out and pass.