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{Moved from General} Suzuki GFS 250 - LAMS - helps

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by vpow, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    I am getting my LAM bike and i am new in bike searching and clueless what to expect on second hand bike. In saying that, i did a quick google search what to look for.

    So, i come across Suzuki GSF 250 bandit, i think this is grey import. I just need someone to help me out with some issues or those with Suzuki bandit might be helpful.
    So i have few question and hoping you guys can help me out abit.

    1. To shift the first gear, the bike required to rev to (5000 - 6000rpm) in order to be smoothly engaged. I am not sure if this is normal as the owner keep telling me this is 4 cylinder bike therefore it will required high rev to engage. Well i think it is abnormal. Any views? Or it is mechanical problem? Something can be fixed?

    2. I notice some oil on the right front forks, so it is normal? Not huge amount, but visible. Is it a sign of bad seal? How much to fix such problem?

    3. What are the general problem for GSF 250 bike?

    I hope someone out there could provide some insight.

  2. There are plenty of good bikes available for cheap without having to resort to grey imports.
  3. Is there a reason you have picked the Bandit?

    If its the price you were looking at then why not look at kawasaki zzr250/gpx250. You could pick one of them up for $2500 and they are super reliable, easy and cheap to run. (Practically the same bike).

    I would not recommend a grey import either.

    For your interest, have a look at other LAMS 250's such as the Honda VTR250, CBR250 and the Kawasaki Ninja 250, these are the most popular.

    Older 250's such as the Bandit and the Honda Hornet (Very similar to bandit) are cheaper but probably more expensive in the long run. Also an old CBR250 (1980's) will be cheaper but more expensive eventually.

    Enjoy :)
  4. Well, i should correct my original post, it wasnt a grey import. What i meant was, this bike is limited in Australia. Well my first option was VTR 250 however it was beyond my price range. I prefer naked style bike like VTR and bandit.
  5. If your budget can stretch look at the Suzuki Inazuma 250. $4990 ride away if you're quick. No risky unknown 2nd hand bike and a good bike to start on if you're not after a sports style bike.
  6. You can get VTR250's for around $3000, $2500 occasionally.

    Bikes are very cheap at the moment, good time to buy.
  7. ugh, yes thats normal, i change gears on my bike at over 15 thousand rpm on a normal basis. Rev it harder.

    bandits are good bikes, i have ridden one
  8. I am pretty sure that the Bandit was never imported officially (not grey). I began riding in the mid 90's and they weren't available then (new).

    The VTR is a good thing. Have a look at that. I was looking for a friend the other day and they were being had for around $3K with 30-40000kms on it. That is cheap for what you get.
  9. I have found for 3k, some with 15-20000ks on it. 2001-2004

    Shop around the web.

    Also, to add to the bandit/hornet list would be the Honda Spada, just old vtr's I think. Can find some really cheap but they are getting old now.
  10. 2 Is "normal" in the sense that you are going to expect it to some extent with a bike of that age and many newer (depending on when they were last done of course). It will be something you need to expect with many bikes. No idea of the cost for new seals fitted for that bike but expect upwards of $100. Might be much more.
    I'd be prepared for similar work with many 2nd hand bikes.