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{Moved from General} Suspension Testing/Benchmarking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ricohard, May 30, 2013.

  1. With all the importance placed on suspension I'm surprised I can't find any independent benchmarking for the various manufactures.

    There are plenty of reviews and personal opinions but a lack of hard numbers (rebound/compression rates) from an independent body running any controlled benchmarking.

    Am I not looking hard enough or is there such a body out there. It would be an interesting write up as it would lay out options in black and white for the everyday rider/track rider.

    The justification for high priced packages, springs, forks, cartridges etc could be justified more easily and it would identify those lagging behind.

    Id be interested to hear or read any info or thoughts you have on this.
  2. Every rider likes different setups, thats why its very difficult.......but a reputable suspension guru should be able to set up a generic track setup for your weight etc....
  3. I get that mate, but I'm thinking very analytical about the whole area.
    Instead of searching around for what feels good suspension wise it would make since to me to first review various manufactures brands and there rated capabilities next to there price tags.

    Once that first part is out of the way riders could more happily part with their cash and begging the fine tuning setup your talking about.

    It's the part before you start on setup I'm interested in.
    Place to top brands side by side, models aimed at the same market segment and advertised as the best. If there was some independent testing with numbers validating the claims and putting the results in hard numbers it would be easy to see the better of the two models - even if it was by a small margin.

    But blow this testing and reporting out to many models and its not about branding anymore, it's an easier decision to first choose what equipment your happy to shell out for.

    Then the setup comes into play.
  4. There's no such thing as "the best". It's rider, track, condition and bike specific.
    What would you base a comparison on given a range of adjustments and variables?
    For the road I'd go with quality and range of adjustment (assuming you want that range). And/or check what mostly works with your Bike based on other's experience.
    I agree with @AznCruiser - see a specialist and call on their experience.
  5. Are you asking the right questions of google ?
    Suspension, at the top level is tested on a suspension dyno. Pretty much operates like an engine dyno in that it replicates the suspension in working mode. It tests just what you asking for....
    But they are a very secretive bunch and don't want others knowing how they get their results... or what their results are telling them.
    Try googling suspension dyno results or something like that

  6. Most people CAN tell the difference between a well set up suspension and a garbage suspension. However most people wont know why certain suspension act the way they do (thats why ask a guru)...........and unless your a top class racer most people wont know/cant tell the difference between a properly set up rebuilt and upgraded suspension and a fully tricked out Ohlins etc suspension...........most people certainly wont be able use the full capability of a fully tricked out Ohlins suspension (and similar top shelf stuff) over a rebuilt and upgraded cheaper option....................

    For my trackie, I took my bike to Shock Treatment @ Wallacia,NSW and went with the bang for the buck that included:
    - Fork service/oil seals ($249)
    - Fork gold valves ($209)
    - Fork springs ($169)
    - Shock revalve/oil seals ($249)
    - Shock springs ($169)
    - Rebound separation valve ($89)
    - Spacer ($95)
    - and the disassemble/reassemble and setting up was ($95)

    IMO save your dosh on a rebuilt and upgrade like mine, and spend some money on tuning that thing to your liking..........
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  7. Yes - this is exactly what I'm asking!! Nobody else seems to be able to wrap there head around it. First comes quality then comes 'feel'/'setup'/'variations'.

    I'm surprised nobody has kicked up about this before-we demand testing and proof in all areas in life. TVs to food products but nobody is asking it of arguably the most important part of a bike!!! And yet the manufacturers are able to set prices as they see fit!!