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{Moved from General} Sumoto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. The ninja 250 from this place r they any good I saw a 2011 model in there about 300k on her.. I was thinking of buying a bike from there.. What do u think ??

  2. Re: sumoto

    Search "sumoto" on these forums and you will have your answer.

    It's "are", not "r". ;)
  3. Re: sumoto

    What's what a short answer is lol
  4. Re: sumoto

    By all accounts Sumoto are crap to deal with.......
  5. Re: sumoto

    They ship bikes in from overseas, paint them badly, put new tyres on them & sell them at a premium to their value/condition.

    I wouldn't buy from there.
  6. Re: sumoto

    Do a quick search for sumoto on here.. and if you cbf reading the threads its simple.

  7. Re: sumoto

    Google Sumoto and you will end up with pages and pages of negative feeback about them in relation to theirlack of after sales servicing and care.
    Caveat Emptor - BUYER BEWARE
  8. Re: sumoto

    They have a pretty bad reputation, not so much for the quality of their bikes, but for the insane price they ask. Like any second hand bike, do your checks and be smart....it may 'look' all cool and shiny but that's their selling point, making bikes (especially lams as those buyers tend to be less experienced with bikes) look good....and they sell a butt load due to this. Some are good, some are bad, same if you purchase privately. But privately, you'd be saving literally thousands from what sumoto ask.

    Enjoy the buying process, and be sure to ask lots of questions on here, we won't mind....as long as your grammar is decent lol ;)
  9. Re: sumoto

    The reason they have L plates all over their ads is that they have to market to new riders, because no one would ever buy them a second time.

    At least that's what I've heard...
  10. Re: sumoto

    Seriously do a search for sumoto and all your questions will be answered, there is no need to start yet another thread on them in the wrong section to boot.
  11. Re: sumoto

    Ozzy Devil, Sumoto's bikes are about as good as your spelling and punctuation.
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