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{Moved from General} ST tyres for heavy bike 400kg+

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iClint, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. I am after some input from owners of larger ST bikes and experience with tyres.

    my bikes OEM tyres (BT021) are dead at 6800km BT021.

    the front is completely shot the rear is close behind just about to touch down on the tread wear indicator.
    IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0765.JPG IMG_0766.JPG
    I have really disliked these tyres, so am looking forward to some new ones.

    I am looking at Perrelli Angels or Rosso II's, I was running Rosso II's on my VTR1000 and really liked them however i am concerned at how long they will last on the VFR1200 considering the weight difference and how fast they wore on the VTR.

    this made me lean towards the Angels which Perrelli claim to give better milage and wet-grip. wet grip i couldn't care less about but the milage is attractive.

    I guess my concern is buying the Rosso's and only getting something ridiculous like 2000kms out of them (a single trip).

    my touring is twisties with little to none highway riding, total weight: bike 280kg + rider 120kg (inc. leathers and helmet) + luggage 30kg = 430kg

    input from anyone with similar riding and weight for these tyres or recommendations of others would be appreciated.
  2. Hi iClint.

    With the wonders of the modern internet thingy, I suggest that you look at the web sites of the various tyre makers yourself.

    Quite a few tyre makers do a given "series" of tyres, under the same name, but have different versions for different loadings.

    I don't know if any of the tyre distributors in Oz actually bother to import these various options. :(

    The last one I can remember hearing of was the Michelin Pilot Road III, where you could get a "B" spec tyre for heavier bikes, but I believe it is fairly common practice.

    But, given tyres from the US are only four or five days away.... some research might not go amiss.
  3. I am a fat bastard so my all up touring weight on the VFR800 by the time I have camping gear etc is pretty high. I got about 10,000k out of a Pirelli Angel rear tyre and it was down to the belts by then. Found them to be good tyres although a little vague in the wet.

    Brigestones I have never got good longevity or performance out of. Currently I am running Michelin Pilot Road 3, have gotten good life and performance out of the predecessor model PR2.
  4. pirrelli has just released a new Angel tyre, i think its called the GT. if you are buying from the states, maybe give that one a look too