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{Moved from General} RIP Image Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Speedy, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Image Motorcycles in West Gosford have gone into receivership. GE Finance cleared the shop of bikes last week, and the receivers were due in today to no doubt liquidate the business.
    What a shame that yet another small business has gone to the wall, and leaving the Central Coast without a Kawasaki or Hyosung dealer.
    Who's gonna service my ZX14R now? grrrrrrrrrr bloody finance companies!

  2. Not sure you should be going crook at the finance companies.
  3. +1 - without finance companies there would be very few businesses anywhere - necessary evil.
  4. If you want to blame something blame online shopping. The finance company has no interest in them being insolvent.
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  5. You can also blame the state and federal government for wasting so much taxpayer money and making business far to difficult for everyone by excessive taxation, and ridiculous laws that make business pay for individuals mistakes. Workers comp, business insurance, Payroll Tax, Income tax, GST, all must be paid before the poor busiens owner can pay anyone else, then he also need to make a profit. Also the unions have made conditions unworkable to employ staff. And it's pretty simple really, If you can invest my money with a bank ar 5% pa intereste, why would you put my money into busiess to make less than that. It is a very difficult juggling act. Not everyone can handle it.
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  6. Blaming GE Finance is ludicrous.

    So if I lend you $300,000 of MY money on the condition that I have an interest on your business or property, you expect me to just accept my loss when you can't afford to pay me back?

    See how silly your statement is now?

    If Image Motorcycles are not able to service their debts, you can't be blaming the creditor for that mate.

    In addition, Kawasaki/Hyosung dealers are not the only people capable of servicing a ZX14R.

  7. Pro racer down the road deals in hyosungs. I've had a few dealings with image over the years. They were typical mechanics and tried to rip me off once so what goes around comes around if u ask me.
  8. Thats a shame. Now can only get test rides out of suzuki round the corner. I don't ask them from the honda place without the intention of buying as that guy has looked after me, but the suzuki place... I don't feel so guilty about wasting their time. I used to wander in there every year or so and try something new. I've tested a 2nd hand cbr, a C50T and a GS500F, all without the intention to buy. (I would have bought the GS if it wasn't $5k with 70,000km on it)
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  9. whilst its sad to see a local business go this doesn't surprise me as I had some poor experiences with them.
    I tried to give them my business rather than ebay or stores on the other side of sydney (campbelltown) but even when being upfront about it they didnt try and come close with price.

    It is a sad state of affairs when a shop that is selling some of the highest selling bikes on the market (learner legal ninja's and Hyosung's) cant keep the business going. Goes to show how tough it is and if you cant/wont compete with online sales you cant stay alive.
  10. Competing with online is near impossible. Online mostly don't pay GST as you are buying from overseas, so immediately they are 10% cheaper. Also Online don't have a distributor network in the country so you save on overheads there. And often Online dont have any warranty. Someone has to cover these costs and then the shop still has to make a profit to survive. Very difficult situation.
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  11. Boss at the Suzuki place (a Netrider member) just fired out a memo to all staff.
    "Next time that Daniel pr#ck comes in for a test ride come and get me"
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  12. He is? I've moved to Rockahampton. :]
  13. At least you guys can get test rides - I've got a 900km round trip this Saturday to get a 30 minute spin....I bet it rains
  14. Hey Justus, do you have to go to law school to learn to be a knob, or did it come naturally?
    Who the f do you think you are labeling peoples posts as "ludicrous" and "ridiculous"?? Last time I checked, we all had a right to an opinion, and resorting to name calling belittles your position.
    Next time you decide to add something to one of my posts, please stop for a minute and THINK before sprouting off from your no doubt high moral ground to us lesser plebians.
    Thank you.
    PS I don't care if plebians is spelled incorrectly.
  15. Regardless of all the nonsense posted above I am a friend one of the owners and regular customer of Image.

    In my experience they were a great place to do business with and the guys always gave me excellent service.

    It's a real shame to see them go after all the hard work they've put in.
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  16. Here, here and there is often very little they can do about it if they don't own everything including the real estate.
  17. I don't think there would be just one factor in the closure of Image. But in the finance industry GE do have the reputation of being too quick to put a business into recievership. Often there are other avenues that with a little time, the business can trade out of it's difficulties, sometimes requiring a restructure. Other times, the business is in too deep to be saved. We don't know the facts, so any comments are speculation. Unless someone that worked there and knew the situation tells us what happened on Netrider.
  18. Don't blame the finance companies. There are a number of other people to blame though, not least of all the public who didn't spend their money in the shop.
  19. What about blaming the staff who try to charge loyal customers for parts that their bike "needed" even though the part never got changed and was always working fine. The more I think about it the more I am glad the place is gone
  20. I'm also sorry to see them go. They were my favourite of the local shops. They didn't have the cheapest prices but were always just friendly and good to deal with. I didn't mind spending a bit extra. When I was starting out they were pretty patient, explained things to me, how to go about getting a licence etc.

    Yeah, they sometimes made mistakes. Put a tyre on backwards. Another time they tried to charge me twice for tyres. Not on purpose, they were just a bit disorganised. They tried three different locations at Gosford, so they did give it a good go.