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{Moved from General} Rider skills test MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chillifilli, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. looking for help of anyone who has recently done the rider skills test or any information on the subject.

    So today I took the bald step of booking in for my P's test after having my L's for just over 4 months I went on the RTA website and went to book in for a test, however I was unaware that there was a six hour practice session(which is fine) then a rider skills test I've now got doubt that I have even booked in for the right test as I've never heard about the six hour practice session. anyone that can reassure me that this is right it would be much appreciated. unfortunately I couldn't find the dumbass ass questions forum otherwise I would've posted this there haha :) thankyou. :)
  2. That is right. The practise is just going over the things you will do in your test, as well as a supervised road ride later on. Finally you will do the skills test. The practise is worth it as you essentially get to run through the test.
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  3. Thanks for clearing that up mate, as well as shedding some light on what it entails much appreciated.
  4. Mate, it is not a six hour practise ... it is a course.
    The pre-provisional course is divided into 3 modules followed by the MOST at the end. You can be stopped prior to the test if you show complete incompetence. The modules are arranged thus >>>
    1. simple shit to make sure you are not too incompetent to take you out on the road ride
    2. the road ride where you will be expected to display an understanding of, and to practically demonstrate, applied road craft
    3. 45 minutes practise before the test

    then the test

    Note: the test layout is different to the practise session in 3.
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  5. Ah okay sweet. You certainly went above and beyond with that reply thanks heaps mate.
  6. No problem ... never forget your head checks;)

    where are you doing your course?
  7. Yea that's something I've heard a lot of people fail on. The course is at Clyde rider training centre, near Parramatta speedway. :)
  8. If you have Les as your instructor say hello from his twin :D
  9. I'll be sure to. good bunch of guys. I remember my instructor there when I was doing my L's course had a saying each time he taught us something and it was time to put it into practice he would say "man up, start up" :D

  10. I just saw the thread heading and was about to reply as I have taken thousands of people through the MOST as a RTA Testing Officer. After reading Fractalz reply I have nothing to say except, great reply Fractalz and Good Luck Chillifilli!
  11. Im booked in to do my MOST test this week and i am slightly stressed.

    I did the pre-P's course at HART and majorly stuffed up the u-turn part.

    I had practiced the MOST test on the road and managed it all, competently but not perfectly, but when i did the pre-p's course i had a less than great experience.... The pre-p's course was so much harder!!

    Now my confidence is shot completely... Oh well (Vent over :) )
  12. Hi @Chillifilli and @jzell67, just letting you know that we have Learner's Session in Homebush every Saturday from 1pm, where you can practice the MOST Test. The NR guys running it are very helpful.
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  13. Thanks mate, yea I seen that in another forum. Good chance ill be there this weekend. :)
  14. head and eyes up .... Look through the turn ;)

    Remember the headchecks LOL
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  15. Went out tonite and did the cones and uturn again.

    Aced it.. Fingers crossed my hire bike is ok
  16. i know i've asked on another page but could someone tell me exactly where i would find this place?? I have some guys on the other page lookin for a ride partner for me but if that doesnt turn out i might just give it a go myself (my boyfriend's off his bike - literally it got written off and he's still in a bit of pain so his ankle wont hold out for a ride to homebush....