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{Moved from General} Returning rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimmyjames182, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Hey all.

    40 yo Returning rider here. Did 40000 commuting k's on a cb250 /gs500 over 3 years then had a break for 3 years.

    Was thinking about another gs for getting around town, the occasional commute and fun ride but the local shop has an '89 suzuki gsx750f in the yard for $2500. Thought it might be an easy way back into things.

    Any advice on the model or the wisdom of buying such an old bike? It's a 1 owner (w log books), has 80k on the clock and looks in reasonable condition, as far as I can.


    Ta - Luke.
  2. Buying older bikes isn't a bad thing if they've been maintained and looked after.

    You should be able to get it checked by an independent mechanic (not affiliated with your local shop) just to make sure they haven't bodgied anything.

    If the guy comes back with issues, either let the shop know you want these fixed before purchase, haggle the price down to cover cost of repairs at the other mechanics or find another bike.
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  3. Exceedingly wise words!
  4. Get it checked. Pay particular attention to swingarm and steering head bearings.
    It might go forever. It might not. It's a risk but your financial exposure to it is only $2500 which is about a year's depreciation on a new bike.
  5. not sure what the rules are in NSW but in Vic its almost old enough for club reg, which is useful if you aren't riding it a lot.
  6. Its not historic rego in NSW for another 6 years, and its so much more restrictive here not worth consideration.

    $2500 for a 25 year old gsx750 is too much. $2k is more reasonable, $1500 would be better.
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