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{Moved from General} Rental scooters.... Duty of Care...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by offtrack, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. I believe in wearing protective gear when I ride.

    I'm up on the Gold Coast for a holiday, and I can understand why no one wears gear up here....its bloody hot.

    What this thread is about is the scooter rental mobs up here. I saw a group of guys, in shorts and singlets, an unbuckled helmet and that's it. No shoes. How can you rent a bike to a new rider, when they aren't even wearing shoes??? These blokes had obviously never ridden. One was indicating left, one right, and one didn't indicate as they pulled I.to traffic. One literally wobbled up the.road while he tried to keep hos balance and keep up with his mates.

    Other mobs rent bike/scooters to kids (about 12 at a guess) who was riding on the footpath.

    Pretty ordinary behaviour all round.

    Obviously the rental places get a disclaimer, take the cash, and turn a blind eye.

  2. What's your point mate?
  3. Because you don't need a bike licence for a scooter it's open slather !

    IMHO buyer beware.

    I wear ATGMOTT in Melbourne. But in those sort of places I have ridden in that sort of gear at my own risk with full knowledge of the consequences.

    Hopefully I ride better than the geese you describe, but still it's my skin to risk.
  4. We have enough rules in this country already.

    This is an atgatt thread. Ban him, Smee.
  5. In comparison in Victoria you can go from zero experience on Friday afternoon to riding a 650cc bike with L plates hanging off the back by lunch time Monday. Shorts, runners and a helmet are all you need.
    Duty of care is on the individual

    If it is that easy to get a learners permit and ride I don't think company's worry about dishing out scooters to tourists.

    It would be interesting if you could get your hands on a copy of the rental agreement to see what duty of care is agreed to... If any
  6. I am surprised you can still get a low cc bike without a license in QLD. But I guess most survive otherwise the law would have changed by now.
  7. All i can say is these mope heads has no understanding of the risk involve riding any type of motorcycles on a public road, it come down to behaviour.

  8. Helmet not even done up....

    Hiring a bike or scooter to a bloke with no shoes.....

    Point is, it is bloody stupid.
  9. What is wrong with no shoes? You have no gears or brkes on the feet on a scoot

  10. Nothing, until you need to come to a stop!
  11. Th
    Maybe you should check the brakes on your bike mate, you dont put your feet down to stop your bike like you are fred flinstone.
  12. The law says the only piece of clothing required is a helmet. The law says the only qualification required is to be of an appropriate age and to hold the required licence or learner permit (not sure about Qld but in WA that can mean a car licence). Beyond those fairly basic requirements I think you'd have a hard time making any sort of additional duty of care stick.

    Scooters do bicycle speeds. Why are you het up about folk on scooters wearing no gear when it's not really expected of cyclists?
  13. #13 robsalvv, Jan 19, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
    Have you ever eaten cold cuts from the fridge that have been there more than three days? Do you realise the risk you were taking? So um, should you throw stones?

    Yeh, ok, so it's not the smartest gear to be wearing incase of a spill... but these car driver license suitable scooters don't go much above 45km/h, which means they'll be at bicycle speeds for most of the time. How do those risks look now?

    Edit: Snap on the bicycle speed! PatB :)
  14. Last time I was in the GC there was some preety young things in bikinis on scooters.

    And you want to outlaw that????
  15. Why should the hirer be responsible, what about the hiree makes up their own friggin mind ....Geezus why does someone else always have to responsible for people these days, sheesh!
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  16. So I guess you all want the odds on this one too.
    Offtrack will give up posting after 40 posts. $2.40
    The thread will get locked at some point $1.60
    Somebody will comment about how amazed they are that they are actually agreeing with VC. $1.40
  17. You have to have a car licence to ride a moped which is anything up to 50cc or less and a top rated speed of 50kph or less. If you are riding a moped on a car licence you may not carry a pillion. The usual helmet rules apply.
  18. As I draw breathe, I will never age with VC. :p
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  19. $1.40 is not as bad as i thought smileedude hated me. I am slipping
  20. You'll always be young and beautiful rob :p