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VIC {Moved from General} Registration transfer hell

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kb1200, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Alright guys, I am in a very frustrating situation and I need some help to figure out how I am going to transfer a motorcycle into my name. I purchased the bike from ebay, an all black honda spada. Now the buyer left the country, but I picked up the bike from his house mate with a road worthy certificate, 2014 registration sticker, and the registration transfer form with only his signature on it. The guy was driving here on a UK drivers license so he didn't have VIC license.

    The problem is his communication, he will only reply to me with 1 email per day and I am nearing the end of the period of being able to transfer the bike into my name. I already paid for the 2014 registration as well. I filled out the rest of the registration form for him but now I am finding out that he needs proof of identification to go along with the form as well in order for it to go through. I have all his details including his UK drivers license number as well so I do not think there is anything dodgy going on, just that he has no idea how to let me sort this out.

    So just a couple of questions. Assuming he never gives me the ID I need, how will I be able to transfer it into my name?

    Also, can I transfer the bike into my name after the 14 day period? Is there a fine associated with it? Will they still believe the RWC is under 30 days if I try and transfer the bike 2 months down the road because that was the only time he could send me ID?

    Really upsetting. This is my first motorcycle after my postie bike got stolen in Sydney, I never seem to have good luck with buying bikes. If anybody could help that would be very appreciated.
  2. Have you tried to transfer the reg or are you assuming the worst?
  3. I have not tried yet, but should I even bother? It takes them 14 weeks to know if it went through or not and it also says incorrect details can result in my registration being suspended. Is it really worth it to try and transfer the registration if he can't provide his identification?
  4. Go in to Vic roads and explain.
    There is no use stressing if it's a simple transfer.
  5. Yeah I am going to call them to see if I can sort it out over the phone, if not I will go in. I just find it difficult to believe that vic roads is going to accept the transfer when he doesn't have a vic license number or any identification presented.

    Has anyone gone through a transfer similar to this where the seller made it difficult? Trying to see how lenient vic roads would be in a situation similar to this.
  6. Go in to Vic roads with all your documents.
  7. Well it is sorted and I have a great story to tell.

    So I noticed something being very off with the registration renewal address being from a different address to the one I picked the bike up from. I took the name that I saw and googled for hours with a combination of street name, suburb, everything. Eventually an ebay listing came up and lo and behold I see my bike albeit not from the seller I bought it from. This listing ended at the end of January and didn't sell. I see the number and I call the guy and tell him what happened, he was equally as surprised as I was.

    This guy I bought the bike from, he came to the country for one month and bought a bike without transferring under his name. He decides to leave the country and sell me said bike without even LETTING ME KNOW that he didn't transfer the bike under his name.

    The phone call with the original owner went really well. He was very nice and agreed to meet up with me to fill in the seller section of the registration transfer form and yes, he does have a vic license number.

    Lesson learned. Never buy anything from someone that is "leaving the country" as you never know what issues are going to come up where you need to contact them in a timely manner. From this day forward I will always ask "Is it registered under your name" before buying. Also not even knowing about the existence of the Personal Properties Security Register was a major blunder on my part as I didn't even check the registration history before buying. I wanted to get back on the road so bad I lost patience and rushed in way too fast. A lot of beginners mistakes on my part, but it is all sorted out.
  8. What state are you in. The replies relate to Victoria, but your postie was stolen in Sydney. MIght help to get replies about situation in the right state.

    ETA ...looks like problem solved. Just might help for next time you post.
  9. The postie incident was a long time ago, it was never recovered, police report filed and everything. I was just mentioning it as I don't seem to have much luck with bikes. This thread was about a bike I purchased in VIC.
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  10. wow that is very interesting turn of events mate, glad you got it all sorted out.

    surprising the old owner didn't end up with a bunch of speeding fines or toll fines haha.

    least he was helpful :) probably explains why the guy you bought it from barely spoke to you.