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{Moved from General} Puncture, what next?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Marx, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Tubeless tyres & growing size, weight & complexity of bikes nowadays means that a tyre puncture is a major issue for all riders.
    Sure there is the puncture sealant spray in a can but I have only seen a 50% success rate in a roadside motorcycle application, in the absence of any comprehensive tool kit/tyre pump.

    So, for all you riders out there, what's you contingency for copping a flat tyre while out on a ride?
  2. Standard repair kit, bicycle pump and ability to read the instructions properly.
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  3. I carry a small compressor, some gas cylinders and a Cargol puncture kit.

    This is all small enough to fit in my under seat storage so it is always with the bike.

    Fingers crossed I haven't needed it yet though..
  4. I think the poll needs more options.
  5. Cargol Twist'N'Go repair kit, CO2 cylinders and adapter, plus a small, quality bike pump and a tyre pressure gauge.
  6. Stop'n go mushroom plug kit, mini compressor and a multiple tool - up and running again in 10mins.
  7. Mobile phone and credit card.
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  8. RACV roadside assist
  9. Or things like a flat battery? Is there a kit of things the more experienced guys carry to be a little self sufficient? I'm guessing racq etc accept motorcycles in their memberships? Must check!

  10. a clutch.
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  11. What about fuel injection? Might need more zap than just firing the plugs, which a bump start might not give.

    (I also had a poll on this original post, but it must have been lost in the move to 'General'. )
  12. There's also the issue of bikes with automatic transmissions....

  13. the only time I have had a bike with a battery that flat was one that hadn't been ridden for months and months, this was in my garage so getting it started wasn't an issue, if the Reds come on there is enough power to clutch it

    yes... because they are so prevalent. Is your bike automatic? problem solved.
  14. Yes. Actually, it is.
  15. Yep, they do, I already checked. Now tossing up between
    • do I get RACQ just for the bike, at $139 for PlusCare, or
    • do I get RACQ for any vehicle driven by me, at $179 for UltraCare
    I'm thinking for the extra $40 I might take the extra cover, just my luck I'd only cover the bike and tomorrow my car would break down.

    Getting a flat is pretty much why I am getting roadside assistance!
  16. My new car has 3 years Roadside Assist built in. I cancelled RACQ because of that. Back on the phone, I guess. Thank you for the information.
  17. We cover 3 cars and 3 bikes with 4 drivers/riders with 2 total care (the vic version) packages by being careful about who drives/rides what. You nominate one vehicle that is covered no matter who drives and anything else you drive/ride is covered while you are driving it. RACV helped us rationalise it.
  18. Be prepared. I carry 3 different types of tyre repair kit (for different type holes) and Co2 canisters and adaptor for inflation. It also pays to know how to use them, I recently practised on a worn tyre when I bought a new kit. Touch wood, I won't have to use them again:unsure:

    That's if you have reception and don't mind waiting for "2 hours." Me, I'd rather carry the gear to get me going again, than have to hang around waiting for help, possibly putting an end to a good ride. Puncture repair kits are reasonably cheap and simple to use and store:D
  19. Bought a couple of decent tyre repair kits today, along with a pressure gauge. (Oh, and another helmet but that's another thread). So, I'm pretty good to go.
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  20. You've got three wheels, you'll be fine with a puncture.