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{moved From General} Popular Or Recommended Motorbike Detailing Places

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ryd3r, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. In Sydney (any suburb)
    Looking for quality and value for money, also a place to have coffee (eatery)

    Suggestions please :)

  2. save your self $$$$$

    all you need is

    microfibre cloths
    bucket soapy water
    45 mins (60 in you really love your bike)

    ......... showroom shine in no time.
  3. oh I know, but it's more an excuse to ride and catch up with some mates..and waste time lol
  4. I didn't know such a thing existed :)
    Why would you want some stranger buffing your ride?
  5. I don't want anyone buffing my ride - I'll do it myself, it's an excuse for other things..
  6. Do you think you're gonna get laid or somethin'?
  7. No - get your mind out of the gutter..
  8. A 'detail' of a bike takes a whole day.... if you want it showroom ready. I know, because I have been detailing bikes around Sydney for over a decade now. A 'detail wash' (just part of a complete detail) still takes a few hours minimum.:cool:
    So, if you want a coffee.... you'll also need lunch, a movie, maybe do the shopping, some chores around the house AND get dinner on, before coming back to collect the fully detailed bike from me. BUT you will be proud of the bike, it will sell quick and you'll have lots more time for riding.
  9. Can you please PM me with your rates and what i get for the $$s? My ride is just over a year old and I'd like to get it properly detailed in the next month or so.
  10. hey, PM me as well. what's your pricing structure and where are you located? It's a Yamaha R1 09' since you've been doing bikes for a decade now, what's your set price?
  11. i can under stand that some riders carnt fix or know how to work on there own motor bike,BUT paying some one to clean your ride is just wrong ,how fcukin lazzy are you guys ,,
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