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{Moved from General. Pls post in correct forum.} CB Brakes..?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spacejazz, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Hi folks

    How is it the CB400 has twin discs up front where as the new CB/R, X and F models have only a single? Is the wavy disc that much better. Cost cutting doesn't make sense. The weights are similar (though I don't know about kW and Nm differences. It probably shows I don't know much about bike mechanical's , or physics :banghead:

    Anyway, just curious. Also the newer CB line is being touted as cheap, or cheapish. What's the deal there (again compared to the CB400, which I love... a lot... but don't want to spend quite that much on a first bike... but possibly will :) Mind you I don't want to spend what the new line is probably worth either. I'm likely to drop it apparently :()

    Thanks for your time and have a great weekend.

    To avoid confusion, I'd get the CB400 over any of the new line-up, I'm just curious about the brakes and costs.


  2. It has been explained on here quite a few times. A single disk can provide enough braking force for most bikes most of the time. It is heavy repeated braking where a twin disk setup is better, because it can better dissipate the heat.
  3. When it come to twin disc brake set up on the bike , this is what the manufacturer determine it deem adequate for this particular bike CB400 . They have a duty of care to make sure this bike stop at certain distance with the power it produce from the four cylinders..( VTEC engine). Sure it will cost a little extra to replace the pads and etc..but when i need to stop in an emergency , i feel confident that the brake will do it job. What do you rather not able to stop or stop ? You already knew the answer.

    Dont forget Braking is the most important part of the bike, most riders will over look as part of daily check.

    Cheers i hope this help..Cam

  4. The manufacturers have no such duty of care. Duty of care has nothing to do with required braking performance. The requirements for motorcycle brakes are laid down in black and white in the Australian Design Rules. If a bike can meet those requirements, it can be sold and used without further restriction. If it cannot, it cannot be legally sold or used on the road.

    A CB400 with a single disc would be quite capable of meeting the ADR requirements (as can many much larger, heavier, faster bikes) and so is not required to carry twin discs either by law or by any spurious duty of care considerations. However, the CB400 has some pretentions towards quality and to being a successor to the 1970s CB400F which was quite sporting in its day. Quality bikes with sporting aspirations are expected, by the market, to wear twin discs, so it does.

    The CBR on the other hand, is a cheap commuter in a party dress. It's built down to a price. Brake discs and calipers are expensive things, as are the time and labour required to fit them on the assembly line. If the bike can meet legal requirements and market expectations using only one, it will.
  5. You have to bear in mind that even though the CB400 is a LAMS approved bike, quality wise it's up there with most top end bikes and is not a budget bike by any means. Even the wheels on the CB400 are ENKEIs. If you're comparing it with the new CB500 or the CBR500, you're not doing the CB400 any justice! Besides, the CB400's got quite a decent acceleration too, so twin anchors come in quite handy. And it's a CB400, got to look the part too, a single disc just doesn't look as awesome as twins :D
  6. The twin discs was one of the reasons why I choose the CB400 over a GS500. ;)
  7. So you enjoy having a higher parts count and more potential failure points than you need. then? ;)
  8. That's a bit harsh mate.
  9. Note the smiley.
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