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{moved From General - Pls Don't Dump Threads In General} "quick Steering"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BrooklynCrook, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. So I've just read an article from a dude who did a lesson with Keith Code, and they discussed a technique called Quick Steering.
    It's basically counter steering, but fast. His theory is that if you push quickly at the start, the bike will take the direction of the turn, thus not requiring you to continue counter steering through the bend.

    It makes sense.

    But -

    When I first started riding, everyone advised me to 'push through the corners', which I interpreted as continuous counter steering, which is what I do.
    Admittedly, my mentors were no Keith Code, but great riders nonetheless.

    Has anyone else heard of this technique? Is this common knowledge amongst riders?
    I'm only fifty kilo's, so I really struggle with the continuous 'pushing' through corners and I feel that this holds me back.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I leave work in about half an hour so I am going to try it (mildly) on the way home. But keen to hear from cornering experts :)

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    What you're referring to is a late tip in/turn in, this technique allows you to see more of the corner/exit and also straightens out the corner. Subsequently it also allows you to be on the throttle a little earlier because you are leaned over for less time than you usually would be.

    Edit: Useful link here. Also read up on Robsalv's cornering basics if you haven't already.
  4. Dont listen to your mates listen to KC himself (who starts his videos telling you not to listen to your mates about how to ride funnily enough), go searching for 'twist of the wrist 2' movie, its very good and explains the concept properly, its out there floating around on the net in streamable and downloadable form.

    quick steering is a very important skill to master, it saved my ass when a bunch of steel beams fell off the back of a land cruiser that i was, no doubt, following too closely. Ill only make that mistake once(was on L's at the time), but yeah thanks to KC i was able to swerve hard around them and not get impaled and die.
  5. It is what you would call a quick steer or a shove/push on the handlebars, this is done because you are leaving the turn much later, which in turn gives you better vision of the corner. Going through the Noob: 104 and previous iterations will help your understanding on the subject.
  6. Thanks guys, I just rode home - was hoping to try this, ended up just trying to survive peak hour traffic. I think I'll do some reading and watching and find a vacant parking lot to practice in over the weekend.
    I don't know if it's just me - but it seems like I am taking forever to get better at cornering, sometimes I do really well, 75% of the time I'm left going :eek::poop::wideyed:, or wishing I hit it harder.

    Cheers for the tips!
  7. How long have you been riding?
  8. Get lots of practice in and if that's still not doing it for you maybe consider a HART or similar course. I see you're in Canberra and I don't know what's available there, but I did a handling dynamics course with HART a couple of years ago. I highly recommend it.
  9. I got my license in June, really only started riding every day in the last month or so, plus I rode about three times three years ago - so really not at all.
    I spent a lot of years on dirt bikes so I guess I expect a bit better from me than a true beginner.
    All up, I've done about 2,000km's...
  10. Stayupright run courses down in the ACT at the sutton driver training facility where OP would have gotten his lams.

    A good way to practise OP is to by weaving quickly in your lane, just keep pushing the limits you bike can be thrown around before you come off.

    also a great way to draw attention to your bike if you suspect incoming smidsy
  11. If you do CSS level 1, quick steering is the 3rd drill. First 2 are throttle control and turn points and you pretty much need these under control before you try quick steering.
  12. The other thing I forgot to mention is that everyone i know (myself included) gets frustrated by their apparent lack of cornering prowess in the early days. Don't rush - it'll come. Good luck and stay safe.
  13. It's not. And of you did do it, you would end up on your face more often than not.

    Putting pressure on the inside handlebar isn't quite the same thing as countersteering though it may feel exactly the same.
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  14. Yeah I know what you mean by that, when I am pushing it isn't the same as when I counter steer, the turn is nowhere near as severe... hmmm. It's confusing to me, although I'm sure it's not actually all that confusing once you've got it worked out.
    Practice, practice... practice.
  15. Thanks :) Yeah, I guess being the only learner in a group who have been on the road for a couple of years you can be a bit unrealistic in your expectations...
  16. Ride your own ride at the pace you find comfortable. I know these are cliches but they are cliches for reason.
  17. Yeah, I'm in this boat. I'm getting the cornering lines, throttle control and setup ok, just that quick steer or final tip in is where I sometimes don't push enough and lean enough. As you say, hoping that it just goes 'click' soon!
  18. For it to go 'click' you need to build up the pieces in a logical fashion. Follow the 101's - there's no short cuts.
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  19. Hi Brooklyn, go to www.canberrariders.org.au and see what's going on there. Some will even show you where and when to get the practice.

    I haven't been riding all that long as some, but sometimes the more I learn the more I get confused especially with counter steering.