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{Moved from General} Phone Maps (Mount phone)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by UserInterface, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I have a nokia 920 and was wondering if there is some way to mount it to my bike so that I can use the maps app while riding?
    I haven't got my bike yet so don't know if it has some sort of mount points or anything..
    I pick my bike up tonight so will have a look then, but thought I would ask here as i assume its not as easy as picking something up from the bargain shop and sticking it to your car dashboard..

    or maybe its better to use one of those bags that stick on the tank?

    I did find this cheap one that is for a bike, but it does not look very strong and I worry about my phone falling out..

  2. It may be to early with the 920 only just being released but check out RAM Mount. I have been told they make great bike gear for phone and GPS. I will be testing the Oxford Life time 7L tank bag with the 920 today paired with a Scala g4 headset I know the pairing works well from the 820 days but I always kept the phone in my pocket.
  3. They do look like they will get one at some point, I looked at the Universal X-Grip as it looks like it could fit anyway, but again it looks like the phone will not be that secure..

    I tried to email them but they forgot there email on the contact page

    Tank bag looks like it could be OK, but I am worried about looking that far from the road.. at least until I have been riding for a while.
  4. A Tank bags vision is closer than handle bars. Don't forget the tank bag will raise the phone from the tank. and if you getting voice commands you wont need to look at it anyway.
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  6. The only catch using phone maps in a bike is that

    A) they usually use data
    8) often in no coverage
    C) get a map app that downloads all the maps so u don't need to load data as you go (like navigon)

    Also. Get a burns moto USB power socket wired into the bike. :)
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  7. Are you allowed to use a Bluetooth helmet intercom? Seems silly bc it would be safer than looking down at your tank.
  8. I use the stem ram mounts, the ram mounts don't look secure at first, and I was tempted to use a rubber band just in case, but having used them for a few months now, I can assure you I will be thrown off the bike before the phone is. Get them from johny Appleseed, much better pricing then online.
  9. If Ram make a mount for your phone, get it they are good. And second the idea of getting a standalone navigation app.
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    the 920 has offline maps if I want but I am not that concerned, I don't use that much data and probably only use maps about once a month..

    Not sure about blue tooth head sets but am fairly sure you cant use them.. i will have a look on RTA and see.

    Whats the ram stem mount? I can't see that one anywhere.

    Now i look it seems that you just can't use a mobile phone, I may have just thought it said headsets..
    I'll ask tomorrow when I redo my L's

    This is a stupid rule as means that I need a separate GPS just for my bike.
    The RTA states:
    Not use any functions of a mobile phone, including hands-free devices while riding.

    This also backs it up:

    Sucks I have been driving for 15 years, I think I know when and when not to use a device like this.. I think that they should put a age limit on this kinda rules maybe 21-25years
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    I posted this product review for a RAM mount not long ago https://netrider.net.au/threads/ram...-handlebar-strap-mount-product-review.141394/

    It's very secure and should fit the 920, but isn't water resistant so you'd need to do something about that (I use a Glad sandwich bag LOL). You'll also need to think about a power source if you're going on a long ride and data charges as previously mentioned.

    As far as using the device while riding goes, if you pre-set your destination when stopped and pull over to make any changes, you should be fine I would have thought.
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    Finished? Nahhh, then you need to attach your newly-cut strap to the body of the base using a method I like to call, "voodoo" but which is probably better described as, "needing four hands, three elbows, four hands and a sledgehammer to push a fiddly stainless steel pin exactly the right distance through a watch strap type affair into a tiny hole".

    Do the pegs scratch your phone?
    I don't wanna scratch my beautiful new phone, that's why I thought that bag one might be good, plus it should be a bit more waterproof..

    also link to new rules does not work, page not found.
  15. Glad you enjoyed it. No, the pegs don't scratch my phone, but I have a fairly sturdy case on it. Note the eight hands required, however. You'll need all of them, unless you're lucky, in which case two will do just fine. Maybe even one if the gods of gadget-assembly are smiling in your general direction. I was talking to zol though, and he said it wasn't all that difficult to assemble, so maybe I'm just not very good at putting stuff together :)
  16. Well I can say that using the tank bag on my bike at least is not that crash hot. The phone was sitting in the bag facing forward which made it very hard to read. Whist I could see distance till next turn and arrow indication I could not see the street name. For some reason I was not getting voice guidance into the scala but it was the 1st time I used maps on the bike with the new phone so I may have forgotten to turn on voice directions :(.
    Stick to plan a and get a RAM mount if you need visual prompts from the phone.
  17. These Ram ones look good, maybe I'll call them and see what there plans are re the 920.. would be nice if they just remembered to include the email address on the contact page..
  18. In all honesty I wouldn't use any device that required me to take my eyes of the road for more than a mere glance.

    I did once borrow a friends GPS (more to confirm my speedo reading than anything else) and I found it quite hard to read at a mere glance.

    Now I'm assuming you are a new and inexperience rider, if that's the case then you'll have your hands full just trying to do the basics. You don't need any other distractions at this stage.
  19. That is a good point. I guess audio hookup is very useful in that case.

    My GPS app is well designed in this regard because in the top left corner it shows the next turn and the distance before you get there, so easy to read quickly. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356664277.575415.
  20. I have no problem reading GPS units at a glance but thast because I normally know roughly where I am and where I am going. Still I think its better for me to have a GPS then be non-stop looking for sign posts or street signs. To me that is more likely to cause an accident.
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