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{Moved from General} People we share the road with

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by offtrack, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Speechless.

  2. There is a family with a serious problem.
  3. There are no words, are there???:(
  4. It frustrates me you can have your car impounded or destroyed under Hoon legislation, riders can lose their license for fairly trivial things (moderate speed on a highway), yet this bloke seems to have been handed a piece of paper, and his keys back, each time????
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  5. They are Canadians, soft hearted individuals. I surprised they didn't take the keys after the second time.
  6. Not thinking it's that Toronto.
  7. I'm surprised (and highly disappointed) they didn't flat out arrest him. He blew .192 the first time, so when they caught him the second time he was driving on a suspended licence AND blew .190. How is he allowed to remain at large and free to endanger everybody on the roads, yet "

    The mind absolutely boggles. Remember guys, SPEED KILLS.
  8. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately politicians, judges, lawyers, cops and journalists are more likely to be caught DUI than "hooning" so they go lightly on it. Drunk drivers are more likely to kill you than someone doing a burn-out in a quiet industrial estate.
  9. This is Toronto NSW, Newcastle area, not Canada......
  10. The police clearly failed to use their batons properly the second time around. I hope they remembered the third time.