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{Moved from General} Ok Own Up, who is it? :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Caz no 2, Jan 8, 2013.

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  2. Thats not a good look
  3. Definitely not Jokes and Humour.
    What sort of attacks are we talking about?
  4. From what I have heard on the news he is has been a little touchy/feely.

    Sorry if it offends anyone.
  5. Extremely poor taste, I hope they find him and hang him by his sack on a rusty hook.
  6. just stiring the pot eh
  7. Talking to me?
  8. In today's news, there's been an armed robbery in my suburb, and the getaway car was dumped in my parents' street. I told workmates to check the age website to see the latest headline, and they all found the motorbike sex pest thing to their great amusement. fcukers.
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    I actually find the word 'pest' troubling and I suspect this is a part of what makes it possible for people to experience some sense of mirth. No doubt the meaning of the word has changed over time, but many words change their meaning over time and except where we lose important concepts unless we resist the change then it is important to attend to the contemporary meaning of language, especially with regard to sexual assaults and rapes, and change our choice of words in the media and the law. These women were not pestered, they were assaulted.

    (Even the term 'assault' is questionable, but that's another story)
  10. gobberwart - agreed I'd feel more than pestered if some dude tried to abduct me...
  11. Well said mattb.
  12. Who said anything about abductions? We don't know what he did. For all we know he slapped them on the arse and rode off.
  13. (Thread moved).

  14. Ahh, ok. so no real harm done. Jokes and humour is still borderline though, found that out myself recently.
  15. Don't think I'd find being assaulted (read "touched") by a stranger the remotest bit funny personally (not having a go at you Lilley btw). Particularly if I was walking/jogging and said stranger was on a motorcycle. Could be difficult to escape from if the person seriously wanted to hurt someone, which the victim wouldn't know.

    The smiley in the thread title puzzles me.
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    Agreed Greydog. And you wouldn't know if this was as far as it was going or you were about to be raped. You'd also know what happened a few months ago a few suburbs away. All that comes into to play in the psychological harm that this can do, both in terms of emotions, but also behaviours (ie like not going out freely anymore - limiting your world). And then there's those women who have been raped before, or even sexually abused as children - this assault can be like a bomb going off...all the old trauma, after all that hard work on her self, re-ignited, and another five years of cutting herself in secret and rocking up to the Emergency every few weeks having over-dosed.
  17. If it were me and I was female, I would probably be a bit miffed. If it wasn't me but rather the person beside my I'd find it hilarious.