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{Moved from GENERAL} Now think of the birds, not the kittens.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Slow Coach, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Um, no.

    I believe he was off the clock, on his way home from work, according to the story
  2. HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA.. that is epic!!
  3. Those Ducks need front numberplates, that would help reduce collsions with Birds.

    Because we all know that in over 20% of all bird strikes, the bird cannot be identified front the front, leaving Vicpol/Government coffers staggeringly empty.
  4. Strict speed enforcement to save animals? You fcuking kidding me? Did cop blow him to write that?
  5. Fundamentally flawed argument. It is average speed which the birds have allegedly adapted to. If everybody drove at 15% above the speed limit, the average speed would be 15% above the speed limit and the birds would happily adapt to that.
  6. What is wrong with him studying it, though? It has increased our understanding of birds and how they interact with our actions. You can never know if that will prove either directly useful, key to understanding something else, or inspiration for some advance.

    In short: Humanity's body of knowledge has been expanded. That is a good thing.
  7. Nothing wrong with him studying it. But gaining funding? gaining media attention.

    I know of loads of research being done that many would see has more advantagous to mankind that does not get media coverage.
  8. I am amazed at what actually gets researched and reported. I remember seeing last month a report about what affects how a piece of toast falls, an investigation into sods law. As a science teacher I have been doing that investigation with my junior scientists for the past 10 years to introduce them to scientific method. High school students have managed to arrive at the same conclusion as these research scientists.

    Sorry just having a winge. That the funding and time could be directed elsewhere.
    Also am a little scared that if politicians see this report it will give them more ammunition that speed kills (birds). I reckon the TAC are using this research for their next safety campaign. At least it is peer reviewed and based on scientific method. Maybe the MUARC could learn something.
  9. I doubt he went to papers and demanded that they write about it. Someone probably just wrote about it because quirky draws reader and links. Blame the press, not the researchers or the funds.

    Except that, if I'm reading it right, speed isn't what kills, abnormal speeds kill.

    It's much the same for humans; you check for cars when you cross a street, and if you see one you make assumptions based on what you expect from them. Or if you're on a road, cross to the oncoming lane in order to overtake, and realise that car in the distance is closing in way faster than it should be.

    'Course, it is certainly not below them to twist facts =\.