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{Moved from General} No Dealer Warranty.....Worth the Risk ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by freddy b, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    I inspected a cruiser 750 shadow, 1999 model with 80,000km on the clock. Now I did my best heres what I found

    * looks like a new chain
    * new back tyre
    * some oil on frame bottom
    * front disc not smooth, a little wavy on tne disc

    Doest look like it was dropped, started cold first time, frame seemed not to have any dents.

    The bike is cheap at $3500 but has no warranty as its over 10 years old. Also no service history as its had a few owners over 14 years.

    I love the bike, its apearance style etc. Not sure though if its risky to buy from a dealer and get no warranty at all.

    Please opinions/advice welcome.

  2. Have it independently (at your cost if they are willing to allow it) checked out if you are really concerned.
    Lots buy bikes from private sales so the risk is the same.
  3. thanks nssherlock
    the thing is the bike isnt super expensive, and yep i would have the same issue privately.

    overall it seemed in reasonable condition with 80k but i would take it to a mechanic and get it serviced and fingers crossed.
  4. Source of that oil on the frame bottom is what I'd be looking at first. I'd also expect to need to spend something on it if you buy it but that is fairly common. Newly bought bikes are often brought to better condition than when with the past owner.
    It has a new chain - were the sprockets done too?
  5. well i,m not mechanically minded but researched on youtube. from what i could see i think the sprocket at rear was ok. not real pointly but not hooked.

    under the bike seemed dry, except for that black oil on the bottom left frame bar. there was also a very faint oilyness on one fork down near tne brake caliper. i pushed down on the forks but didnt really see any oil.

    for a novice its a bit hard because the bike might just die after a week and thats it, no warranty. But i could have the same buying off a private seller.
  6. The perils of 2nd hand beware!
  7. Um it is sold with a roadworthy ? A bike cant leak oil and pass inspection. Which means they cant sell it as a registered bike.

    Roll the dice. If it blows a head geasket...it was worth it. If it doesn't give your grief for twelve months, it wasn't worth it.
    But why buy off a dealer who has thrown $1000 to $1500 on what he paid for it.
    Bikes are very very hard to sell on the private market right now. Why not do the legwork for a grand.
    Or give that spiel to the salesman and get another $500 and take it as is rego'ed
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  8. Does it make funny noises? If not, buy it. Ignore the oil.
  9. i would like to buy privately but most of these shadows are mid 5 to 7's but of course much newer.
    good point about the oil leak and roadworthy. i know for the price its going to cost me extra in stuff that needs to be done and it has done 80k.

    i reckon the dealer had it detailed and maybe th handle bar changed (cant be sure but looked very shiny).

    its a punt i guess and if it doesnt turn out i might be able to sell it for something.
  10. ^^ Disagree.....especially the oil on the fork.

    If the fork seal and dust seal are not up to scratch a front end rebuild and service is costly.....

    As Bretto61 mentioned........has this bike been given a WRC?
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    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
    Come on, I've taken plenty of oil-covered bikes through a RWC. If the dealer is taking care of that then who cares. And when it comes time to sell it'll be no different to a million other oil stained bikes - just don't go to the idiot RWC inspector, find a common-sense one who checks for real-world issues.

    When it comes to oil from the fork then that's even less of an issue and if he can't download instructions and fix it himself he'll surely have a mate who can, and it'll cost $15 for eBay seals and the same for fluid.

    We live in a time of financial prosperity which has warped people's sense of reality about these things.

    Buy the damn thing, buy a service manual, and have as much fun as the silly buggers who felt the need to speed three times as much for the same thing. It's a late model bike, after all.
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  12. i was thinking this morning as i could be buying this bike from a dealer, there is clear title but does the dealer have to tell me if its a repairable write off
  13. I dont think so (but vic do have some stronger consumer laws than nsw)

    Personally i would do it myself anyway, its not that much hassle and at least you wont have the worry of trying to get your money back
  14. for what its worth VC i asked the dealer if the bike had been a repairable writeoff and he said no because this dealership didnt want the hassle.