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{Moved from General - next time thread is locked. Thanks} [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by iFrosty, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Ok so im getting a loan ==" which is the ANZ Progress Loan... maximum of 5 gran... now im looking for a bike:

    *under $5k
    *sport style
    *LAM approved

    Now i know Ninja 250r is a good bike... way over my budget...

    any other bikes that are good looking? a great piece of machine under $5k? Sporty..

    ugh... and i might just might go SQUID during my L ==" since i only have a budget for a bike and a helmet.. no gears >.>


    People here in Sydney.. any of youse know a good dealer? negotiable pricing of a bike? cheap.. under 5k? if not i might just go buy a bike off a person =="

  2. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    look here


    The GPX/Z 250's were a good bike. VTR250's were/are also good bikes.

    But personally I'd be looking at something like a GS500 or ER500. If you like to mix a bit of dirt in to your riding then have a look at the DR650, KLR650 etc.
  3. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    average prices of the bikes u recommended? and thnx

    and yehr ill be off for 1 hour... so all d posts ill read it later
  4. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    u can find a used ninja 250 for less than 5 grand easy and heaps have low kms
  5. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    well as much as possible save... so i can get some gears...

    if no choice then ill get the ninja and be squid :D
  6. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    You can get a decent 250 for $3.5K (that bmick mentioned) which will leave you plenty of room for gear. Spending all your money on a learner bike is foolish as that is when you are most likely to come off.
  7. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    I'd go the other way, spend a resonable amount on gear and what's left on a bike that you'll get rid of when licensed to do so...
    Plenty second had bikes around at a price that will let you do this...
  8. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    atm all i see is above that >.>
  9. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    Hey iFrosty,
    I'm in the process of buying a 2010 Ninja, total cost on-road is $5,750 and its only got 1000km on it. So, you could easially get a Ninja for less than $5k if you shopped around and got an older model or one with more mileage on it. As for squiding it up.... not a good idea. If anyone has a higher risk of coming off/dropping a bike, its a newbie. :-(

  10. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

  11. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    Search bikesales with the criteria of


    You will find heaps of the bikes that b12mick mentioned.
  12. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    250cc below or 250cc and above?

    will do later
  13. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    Whichever category includes 249cc and 250cc as that is what they will be under.

    I helped my flatmate buy a gpz250 for $2K a few months ago. Its not new, but buy something older and the gear. Having a new bike is not worth the skin grafts.
  14. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    You might also want to check eBay for some reasonable second-hand gear. I recently picked myself up a good Dririder mesh jacket for summer for $70, and an Ixon leather jacket for my wife for $80. Takes a bit of searching and often auctions go above what you want to pay, but every now and then you get what you want. Probably won't want to risk it with a helmet though :D
  15. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    It's been 5 years since I seriously looked at LAMS bikes, and that was for my son.

    We bought him a 1996 KLR650 in reasonable condition, 12 months rego and 12 months insurance (insured in mums name with him as a named rider - saved us heaps) with a set of 17" Excel rims thrown in for $4500. He had a budget of $5000, but didn't need any gear because we'd already bought all that for him (he pillioned with me a lot).

    Within 12 months of him getting his full licence he bought a FZ6N. He had all but killed the KLR. Don't let that scare you off, he used it on the dirt as well as on the road and most of the damage came from neglect rather than from anything he actually did to it.
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  17. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    As others have said get your gear first and then get a bike with the change and don't forget to also factor in third party property insurance at the very least...

    Jacket $200
    Kevlar jeans $130ish (from Takamii off the forum here)
    Boots upward of $150
    Gloves - depends but I'd say $50+, you really want something with a hard protector over your knuckles
    Helmet anywhere from $100 upwards (although personally I wouldn't spend less than $400-500 on a helmet)

    So you should easily be left with like $4000 to find a bike
  18. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    I think you get the drift from all these posts. A LAMS bike is something you'll ride for a year or two, then upgrade to something nicer. If you get a good second hand one, you can still sell it after the period you ride it for. The gear is much more important, as that is the stuff that can safe your life! You can come off any bike, if you make a mistake.

    While you don't count on coming off or dropping the bike, it is likely that it will happen at some point in time. If you 'only' have a good second hand bike, you're heart won't be bleeding as much.
  19. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    well... if im getting a gear ofcourse i wouldnt buy a second hand ones >.> and i dont trust ebay that much...

    also which one is better? buying a fixed price or auctioned... bike

    and once i get my full license thats the only time i can upgrade?

    coz my plan was... get a decent bike... or atleast that ninja... and a gear... keep that bike for a while... till im done repaying my loan... maybe 2-3 years? depends...

    or keep my ninja while im paying the loan and at the same time save for an upgrade, sell or trade the ninja... add money for my upgrade...
  20. Re: [NSW] I need a LAMS bike under $5000

    I could be totally wrong on this but I think the places that auction bikes are generally non registered ones (unless you mean ebay?) If you know something about bikes this can be ok, as is buying from a private seller. If you don't know about bikes either buy from a dealer or take someone who does know with you. If you buy a lemon from a private seller, there's not much you can do about it. A dealer provides a little more security.

    +1 for not squidding. As a learner, don't even consider it. You'll regret it if you come off which is more likely than you think. And having your skin scrubbed with a wire brush to get the gravel out is not cool and very painful, which is what they have to do if you have bad gravel rash.

    How old are you? If you're over 25 and have a full car licence you'll be on your Ps for 1 year. If not, it's 3 years for you.

    Take a look at the GPX250. A decent second hand one of those would be mid 3k I think and they're not bad sporty looking if you don't get the purple one ;)

    The GPX is what I went with as I wanted a sporty looking one and didn't want to pay for the new ninja250 model. I do understand wanting a fairing but do think seriously about unfaired bikes. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to fix when you drop the bike. You may find the naked bikes very appealling once you start riding. I used to hate the look if them, now I love them.