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{moved from general next time it just gets deleted} Recommend me a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MeltingDOg, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I've had my restricted licence for about 2 months. I have a little GN250 which is ok and fun but not that great for going on highways. My friends want to do a big trip and I really want to go so am thinking about trading up to something more suited for highways and touring. I thought it might be worth getting some advice here on what I should be looking at.

    The stats:
    • Unfortuneatly it must be a QLD LAMS approved so 660cc or less and be on the lsit
    • I mostly prefer the naked look but am open to touring, road or streetfighters
    • budget is between $2000 - $3000 (dont want to spend big on LAMS bike)
    • As reliable as possible

    So if you want to just give me some model names that would be great! Ill suss them out on the net.

    If your selling a bike or know someone who is or have even seen one on the net let me know! I am in central Brisbane and can do trips out.

    Thanks guys! look forward to seeing whats out there!

    ps: LAMS list:
  2. hmm..wrong forum much..
    Anyway, I thought I might write up a possible list of candidates from my own research:

    Suzuki GS500
    Suzuki GSX400
    Honda CB400N

    What do you guys reckon?
  3. Look on BikePoint or the net,you're not house bound surely,go to a few shops,or even buy Bikes Only.
  4. Go the GS500.

    The main reason I'm replying to this thread is to keep the canine post count pure.
  5. Thanks for the response!

    Yep I have been looking on the net but I am still learning the ins and outs of what makes a good bike. For example would a 400cc bike be powerful enough or only slightly better then a 250? Are bikes from the 80s still worth a look at or would they be past their time? Are some models of the same cc dramatically better then others?

    Am going out next week to shops, but wanted to arm myself with some knowledge before I hit the sales floor.

  6. The search function is a beginning especially in bike reviews which this thread is now in.
  7. Thanks my thoughts as well

    Haha canine post count?
  8. Keep the GN, whatever you buy at $2-$3K isn't going to be that much better.

    You need at least $4K to get most of the bikes that you are suggesting (in decent order).

    If you really must buy something else get a ZZR250/GPX250, they will sit on 110km/h fine and will land in your budget.

  9. Thanks for your reply. With that in mind was wondering what you might think of these two?


  10. The GSX is 30 years old and the GS is 17 which is not much better. Too old to be said to be reliable. If you really must buy one, look private, dealers don't have quality that low in price as they just can't make money. Cant say much else about them without looking at them.
  11. I heard there was a canine collection of posts here...
  12. Hmm yeah point taken. I think I will hang on to the 250 a little while longer but keep my eyes open in case something pops up.

    Thanks for the reply. Just the kind of advice I was looking for!