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{Moved from General} New rider - pick me a bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Doubled, Jun 14, 2011.


Which bike?? - In your opinion only

Poll closed Jun 26, 2011.
  1. Honda CBR

    6 vote(s)
  2. Yamaha

    4 vote(s)
  3. Kawasaki Ninja

    8 vote(s)
  4. Megelli

    1 vote(s)
  5. Hyosung

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I'm new the forums and in fact new to owning a bike. Im a 22 yr old male and am located in sydney. I have always been a fanatic car fan having owned my 96 Toyota supra now for a couple of years. I have always been interested in bikes, the looks the sound and can appreciate them all.

    This is infact where my question lies. Sure I kNow a fair bit about cars but do not know much about bikes unfortionatly but am extremely willing to learn and listen. I know from being on supra forums all about searching and I'm sure there are slot of threads and useful link on this forum too.

    I have a question though for those willing to help me out. I have been doing my research into the bikes i am interested but wanted to hear the opinions and views of people that have ridden these bikes or know of people that have.

    Being only a learner rider I am interested in the following bikes:

    1999 yamaha yzf-r1 (super sport)

    1998 '91 '94 '88 Honda CBR 250 RR super sport

    2009, 2010 2007 Hyosung gt250

    2008/2009 Kawasaki ninja 250r

    2011 megelli 250r

    These are the bikes that have caught my attention so far.

    To me all of these bikes look amazing. However being a newer rider I wanted to know some of their pro's and con's and find out which you guys think are the better. now obviously people are going to say they prefer one and not the other etc and I'd prefer not to have my first thread turn into a massive fight between bike brands.

    So which do you think I'm best going for in the above for a bike which has a bit of grunt, good points and bad etc.

  2. Re: New rider

    why are you looking at an r1 if you are a learner rider. they are not friendly for learners, especially early ones because they are complete ball tearers in the mid-range.

    out of all of them i would struggle to choose one. megelli are junk, cbr250rr are too old and crashed, the ninja would be ok if you are small but are quite slow and the hyosung is a hyosung.

    are you aware of the LAMS rules?

    what sort of riding are you going to be doing?

    are you a big guy, or small?
  3. Re: New rider

    The R1 ain't lams matey.

    250s are for girl's that are worried about the bike being 'too tall'. Not much chop in this new age of 650 capacity restrictions, get as big a bike as you can get away with.
  4. Re: New rider

    Yeah I'm only a averaged height skinny bloke. My appologies I thought the r1 was lams. That was my mistake! What would you recommend for a learner approved bike that's got a bit (I know they won't have much considering it's only for a learner) and is half decent??

    Then sort of riding I'm going to be doing is casual cruising and then occasionally giving it a bit as I go around corners etc.. It's only going to be a weekend bike. I'm aware of the lams rules but am still a little unsure about them in relation to bikes.
  5. Re: New rider

  6. Re: New rider

    Buy the R1.

    Steep learning curve, but if you live, you'll love it.


    Edit: You're probably thinking of the R15, don't bother.

    My advice is to steer clear of the 250cc & under bikes, go through the LAMS list & see if there's any bikes that take your fancy.

    Actually google them & see how they go, 200 odd model names don't mean much to most people.
  7. Re: New rider

    depends on your budget really, and what state you are in.
  8. I'm located in NSW and have about 5k to play with. Didn't want to spend much more because I'll be upgrading the bikes as I can :)
  9. kawasaki er-5 500cc or suzuki gs500. /thread
  10. fail bikes are fail.

    xr400sm or drz400sm. bike you can crash that also handle properly. unlike most lams bikes for $5k.
  11. your face is a fail :p
  12. 1999 r1 for a learner - that's priceless

    Oh wait , I had one of those when I was a learner 2 years back
  13. honda vtr250,
    love mine. but there are plenty to choose from, just go look at every bikeshop in your area and sit on every bike, you want one that u feel comfortable on and can control. i would love to have an fzr250.... but the cbf was too wide, so the inline 4 would be worse. so i went for a narrow v-twin as i felt it was the best bike that fit me. (and now i love the low powerband i think id struggle if i had to rev the guts out of it to get power) buy a bike to fit yourself, dont try to fit yourself to a bike
  14. Yep. That'd do her.

    $5k don't get you a sportsbike in LAMS. The SV is the only thing on the list that counts as 'sports'. Even then you still have to derestrict them, so it'd be over budget.

    250s aren't sportsbike, doesn't matter how much their riders' squeel.

    The CB400 is an overpriced, overengineered pile of shit, merely indicating that it's owner couldn't get a root in a brothel with a $100 note sticking out his y-fronts. All it says is 'I bought a Honda because someone told me they were reliable, and I am a frightened child in need of comfort'.

    The Er-5 is over 1000 years old and was shit when it came out, it is now like a dog turd that never got picked up and lay baking under topsoil, all white and mouldy and only a fool would claim responsibility for one at this point.

    The Gs500 will cause you to crash. 5 minutes in you will fall into a deep coma for want of any stimulation and connect with a telegraph pole.

    All 250s are for women afraid of power, since the death of the venerable smoke belchers.

    You are male, therefore I assume you want power.

    Motards. Best compromise. Lightweight, wheelie teach for dummies, not indicative of a fail whale heading down the street in his day glo to the L plate coffee meet. You can play hoon on your Ls.

    Go forth.
  15. +1 the DRZ is better though

    Or get a DR650 and motard it. Hmm maybe not for $5K
  16. yeah i would go the drz given the two to choose from, but the xr is a tad cheaper.

    you can pick up dr650's for cheap as second hand now, well for the average learner it would be fine on the bitumen anyway with the standard wheels/brakes.
  17. Well if, as it seems, you're interested in something a bit flashy, a Ducati Monster 600 would be a fair prospect unless you're an absolute beginner. The more recent 620 might be less an option given your budget.

    +1 for the 400 Motards too.
  18. None of the above, get a Honda XR400 and road legal it.
  19. Hey Doubled, when you ask for suggestions, most people tell you what they would ride or do ride. So with that in mind, i'll try and lay out some good & bad reasons for each bike.

    2011 CBR250R - Single banger. Slow. Looks good. Awesome learner for around town. Will lose alot of ground in the hills. Upright riding position (read: scooter riding position)

    Old CBR250RR - demon machine. Fast as. Especially if you change the sprockets around :D . Problem is they are massively overpriced and generally mal-treated and broken.

    Ninja: fastest 250 in production. But a piece of shit. Suspension is crap. Power is crap. Overall bike is crap. But its a twofiddy, thats what you get. Upright riding position (read: scooter riding position)

    Hyosung 250: Pretty much the same as the ninja except the brakes are better. Is only fractionally slower overall but has better torque in the mid ranges. Oh and the riding position is heaps better than the ninja.

    Hyosung 650: Same as the hyo 250, except a bigger engine, better suspension and a restriction that costs about $100 to remove.

    Megelli: hunk of chinese plastic that struggles to crack 100k/hr.

    Motards: Hoon machines. Will kick the crap out of any 250 "sports" (notice the inverted commas, no 250 on the market at the moment is a real sports bike). However, you look like shit, the bike looks like shit and everybody judges on looks :D

    My advice, buy a 650 hyosung. Here's why:

    1) they look good
    2) parts are really cheap
    3) easy to work on (you can do tons of mods pretty easily)
    4) they will beat the 2011 CBR250 & Ninja
    5) they are cheap as chips