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{Moved from General} New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SASINSEA, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. HI All

    I'm really hoping i can get some sound advice here.

    Before i begin, i promise you i have read loads on the forums and have only now decided to post.

    I'm 37, married with 1 child and just got my L's.

    The primary reason i got my L's is i spent lots of time in Thailand diving and rode all sorts of 125 bike without a thought. A mate had a stack on the way home from the pub and his travel insurance refused to pay as he was not a licensed rider in Aus.

    Anyway, i'm looking at getting a cruiser, something for fun and weekends but need some advice.

    After reading lots of posts in this forum, i realise there is no one size fits all but given my age, height and weight (95kg) i'm prety sure i fit a cruiser.

    I understand that every experienced rider trades up after a while and i like the advice about getting a 250 and learning Vs getting a bigger bike.

    Would anyone be interested in;

    A) offering advice on a bike? Happy to buy 2nd hand and not looking for anything flash just a well maintained 250cc that fits me and one i can handle given my new riding status
    8) advice on what to do next? I took the HART St Ives pre learner course and highly recommend it. I'm booked next weekend on the handling course through them.
    C) Happy to buy a bike 2nd hand but i have googled pre-purchase (i wouldn't buy a car without one so why not a bike) and the results are mixed. I'd be happy to pay someone with the skills to assist or offer advice
    D) any older riders interested in giving some private lessons? As i mentioned above, i'm a provider so i'd be happy to pay for some life saving tips and advice.

    Overall, any advice or assistance is welcome. I have read lots of the new rider advice forums here and can promise you, in 12 months time i plan to write a new post listing my experiences, advice and recommendations as i think it will be of use to new riders similar to me.

  2. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    oops, forgot to mention i live on the lower north shore in Sydney and work in IT (if thats makes a difference ;-)
  3. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    head to a couple of bike shops and sit on every single bike - they're all different riding positions and a cruiser might or might not be comfortable for you.
  4. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)


    Go and try some :)
  5. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    you didn't say what height you are

    and we provide free learner sessions on the weekend at Homebush

    Look at these

    Learner Sessions


    Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

    You say you want to start on a 250, forget it, you will want to upgrade as soon as you sit on it

    Id recommend a Yamaha V-Star 650 to start with

  6. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    If you're set on a cruiser, I would suggest looking at something a little larger.
    A 650 V Star (I used to have one) or something like that. My GF has a 250 V Star & it just doesn't have the grunt up hills etc.
    I weigh around 80kg & the 650 was fine.
    Although I also rode a 250 Ninja & that was great.
    Try on a few different bikes for size before you make a final decission on what style you want.
  7. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    Sorry for hijacking the thread a bit. I just want to ask a quick question while we're on this topic.

    This advice seems to pop up quite a lot when it comes to learner cruisers. But considering I'm a bit on the "light" side, would this advice apply to me too? I'm 5'6", and weigh a little under 60kg.

    edit: I'm sort of in the same boat as SASINSEA - Looking for a 250cc cruiser to learn on. So does every 250cc cruiser struggle up hills?
  8. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    +1 on all the people who say get a 650. Being heavier the extra grunt always helps!

    I also live on the North shore, so when you grab a bike, send me a PM and I'll guide you to the L sessions that happen at Homebush most weekends.

    These are free although you can give me beers anyway ;)
  9. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    in your case a 250 would be fine, but i do recommend to eat some meat :), as in the ops case, he is 95kg, a 250 would be like a toy for him
  10. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    Agreed. Go for the Yammy XVS 650. It is on the LAMS list.

    Not sure how it'd go with the 'cone weave' for your MOST test though???

    I share your physical dimensions & I'm learning on a Honda CB250. Great bike to learn on & bulletproof, but as has been stated...VERY underpowered. Not that I want to go any faster than 80 anyway!

    I'm actually looking at the XVS1100 eventually. I too, want a good 'freeway' cruiser. The 650 will do it, but not sure if it'd struggle???
  11. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    As someone else has already said, sit on them all. Don't restrict your thoughts to a cruiser.

    I know quite a few people, myself included, who find cruisers to be very uncomfortable. It's got nothing to do with size, it's purely what you find comfortable.

    What'd be better is if you could swing a ride and some different bikes, then buy the one you like the most.
  12. Hi Guys

    I appreciate the advice, i'll let you know how i get on.
  13. Re: New rider advice (yes i read the forums)

    650 V Star doesn't struggle!! Trust me. Not until you reach 160km/h!!
    The 250 will happily sit on 110km/h on the freeway, just accelerating & hills are a real struggle.
  14. Hi guys,

    So i went to a few bike shops and they seem OK with me 'kicking the tyres' and asking dumb questions.

    Sat on a few 600-750cc bikes (some LAMS some not) and i can understand that i'll find a 250 underpowered, but as a newbie, the bigger bikes just seem too big right now.

    I'm sure i'll upgrade in a very short time but i spent years learning to drive in cheap, older (and underpowered) cars and i'm happy to take it easy (and struggle up hills) while i'm learning. My rationale is i'd rather be underpowered and learn than overpowered and learn.

    Having said that, i like the feel and fit of a cruiser. I did sit on some more aggressive styled bikes and they just didn't feel right. I drive a 2002 Alfa 147 so style and comfort is more important than looks and speed.

    My biggest problem is, having got my L's 1 week ago, riding in the pouring rain in Sydney on wet roads on a shop/loan bike isn't my idea of learning safely within my comfort level.

    So, given i'm set on a 250 or maybe up to a 400, i'd appreciate some advice from the learned on what i should start out on. On the bright side, i'll look after the bike, spend what i need on it without hesitation, and pass it on in under a year to another newbie that can enjoy it.

    There is a 2009 HONDA VT400 for $8k that has caught my eye but open to advice and suggestions.

    Thanks for your help, i do appreciate it.
  15. Really??? The CB250 I ride would peter out long before I reach 110! I sit on nearly 6 grand revs at 80 so I'm sure I'd be more than red lining it at 110! Would be kinda fun to try though!!

    i too prefer the cruisers, but have really been happy to learn on a CB250. Like you, I'll learn on this thing, then pass it onto another noob when I'm done with it. Also, as I bought it used, it doesn't bother me when I knock & scrape it as it adds to its character.

    As a noob, you run a higher risk of damaging your bike in some way whilst you learn (even having it fall over from not being properly propped up!) and it would be heartbreaking to see an 8G new bike fall!

    I still say, buy an old banger for 2G & knock around on that then upgrade once you have the skills like balance, road sense, turning, braking etc.
  16. You will be used to the power within 2 weeks get the bigger bike for someone your size.
  17. OK, so as promised, here is my first ride report. I ended up buying my brothers 2001 Honda V25 (VT250C) cruiser. he has his P plates so was looking to upgrade. It's a big LOUD bike with no problems and i liked the feel of it so i bought if for $4k. Cost me $300 fully comp with IMR for insurance.

    Was planing to meet up with the others at the newbie training course but after swimming with the Munchkin and groceries, the day got away from me.

    I went for my first solo ride today and could have been wiped out in the first 20 mins. Stupid commodore just changed lanes right in front of, no indicators and if she looked, she either didn't see me or didn't care.

    Thankfully, i was riding nice and slowly and treating every car as if they were out to kill me (great advice i picked up from the newbie forums here).

    2 mins later, stopped, checked the underpants and got back on the bike and set off again.

    I'm still very cautious of the bike and other broad users, i'll make it to next Sunday's meet up near Olympic park and join the others for a ride as i'll feel more comfortable with other bikes.

    Overall, still very happy and enjoying it.
  18. Congrats mate on both your new bike and on surviving your first stupid commodore!

    Keep enjoying it!
  19. We bought a Suzuki Intyruder for my wife to learn on and ride....it is a great commuter and great fun to ride...light and easy to handle.....I ride a 650 Cruisder but love taking our "little Harley" for a spin. I am 90Kilos and 180cm...very comfortable