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{Moved from General} New rider, 600 or 250cc?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tankerinc, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I am semi new I guess. I did over 20,000k's on a NSR 150.
    But this is why I am here asking.

    Long story short. I was riding for a few weeks till I started to do the lane splitting fun. { Going in between cars } then I came off on the highway.. Sold the bike and haven't gotten back on since.

    I am okay with the controls. A little rusty but I am sure I can change gear without having to look down and so on. I can slow ride { Well could. Been 2 years } I am just wanting back on the bike.

    Been about 2 years and I have missed it each day I haven't rode. So now tax time I got about 4k to shell out for a nice bike to learn on again. But due to knowing that the NSR 150 was lacking in power after about 3 weeks of riding it I am left thinking to my self is a 250 CBR RR fireblade any good for me or should I just go out and get a R6 and be done with it.

    Going by videos I watched on youtube they all say it is your point of view that matters. But to me it is the age old thing.. Left thinking what should I do.
    So I am posting on here in hope that some more knowledgeable riders maybe offering something I haven't thought about.
  2. After 20,000km I would be expecting some competent (even if not yet any advanced) riding who doesn't have to worry about bike controls.

    So if you still thinking about those things then you could be more confident getting back on a smaller bike. But I wouldn't be getting anything less than 300cc or so. Maybe one of sport touring 650s will do the job.

    Having said that, I've seen people selling their 250s with 5000km on the clock in order to upgrade to supersport.

    So it's your call really. But I don't think a supersport bike will be an issue.

    What concerns me (money aside, as 4k for supersport is pushing it) is that you mentioned you are OK with the bike control. I would think a rider to be a little further ahead at 20,000km (in terms of rider skills).
    So unless I misread/misunderstood your post I'd be a little caution going into supersport.

    But on the other hand I don't believe it would do much harm for you if you are serious about riding.

    Maybe just go for a little street friendlier 600 (gsxr, CBR but probably not an R6).

    Also keep in mind that sport touring 600s (ninja 650, cbf etc) are very different bikes to the supersports (like gsxr, CBR, r6, zx6, Daytona etc).
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  3. 600 for sure mate. Go and test ride a cbr600 f4i , it's a comfier and more user friendly version. Miss mine dearly
  4. Sorry for posting in the wrong area.

    Going by gumtree in my area. There is a few 600cc's around. Going from one end of the gold coast to the other. { Used not new }
    But the point I was trying to say { It is my fault for not being more clear about it } that almost all of the km's I did was highway. straight run with almost no traffic at all.
    Also being 2 years since I last had a bike. Not really learning much about the bike and/or styles. I am left trying to understand what bike is what.
    I did not really understand this " Supersport " till I just saw it in your post and then did some more research on it. I thought they were all sport bikes or cruisers.

    Also I am really 100% into riding. I love to drive. When I had my bike I really loved it. I just haven't had the ability to get back onto a bike for a bit. Now I do. I left thinking. Do I go 600 or 250.

    I did have 150. It went okay for a small bike. But as I said the power was lacking after a very short time.
    So this is leaving me think. If I cannot upgrade my bike for 2 years or so { Hopefully sooner but I have kids.. } will a 250 be the power to have fun when I want to hook up with some people and go for a week end ride in the mountains or will the 600 be more of smarter pick for me to get back into riding and enjoy my week runs and week day runs to and from.

    I am sorry for not being clear before. I was talking to my kids while I was posting and I guess it seem clear enough to me and not others.
  5. You have an open R licence, right?
  6. For goodness sake, if you came off an NSR 150, and, with the passage of time, you presumably have a "full" licence, why are you pissing about with wee bikes....
    get a Turbo charged Hyabusa and get it over with.
  7. I am unrestricted.

    I came off the 150 as I was to close to the car in front of me as I was trying to go between 3 lanes when I was going in and out. It was my dumb fault for coming off.
    I sold the bike due issues at that point.

    Thank you all for the help so far. From what i have seen you all just have reaffirmed what i was thinking. Just wanted to be sure.
  8. I would go the 600, just keep in the back of your mind that you are coming back to riding. Perhaps worth doing a refresher course?

    Returning riders are ( pardon the generalisation ) likely to go too hard too early.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Thou or nothing!