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{Moved from General} My new bike

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Mr. Grumpy, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. I apologise if this isn't the right forum for this - I couldn't figure out were else to put it!

    Anyway - this is my new (to me) CB400. 2009 model, 7372km on the clock. I go for my license course on Sunday so looking forward to being able to ride solo! Gave this a ride this arvo with a mate - was so much fun!

    The bike only came with one key and I didn't get a chance to phone the dealer as I was so keen to ride that they were shut when I got back. I'm assuming that it would have had 2 keys when new?



  2. Try the cb400 thread, it's huge
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  3. Yup, should have 2 keys.
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  4. Yeah I know. Spent 2 days reading about 10% of it - it was a major factor in my choosing a CB400!
  5. Nice bike. Should have 2 keys. If it has the HISS system you'll find it's a PIA to get another one if the dealer hasn't got it as it has to be coded into the ignition system somehow. Honda claims you get 4 keys max and then you have to replace the entire ignition system.
  6. Looking at the dash it seems to have the HISS, it will blink red if so, there should be a second key which usually has the key series number tag which you may need to get a spare. Being preowned that could be long gone. Ask the dealer maybe.
    Great all rounder the CB, you will enjoy it.
  7. You get two keys when new, as others have said the other key may be long gone. Arrange for another key NOW before you lose the one you have. You have to introduce the new key to the ECU and to do that you need a currently working key. I have never done in but if you want to do it yourself it is not particularly difficult if you follow the sequence. See vid. Or you could get a dealer to do it, not sure what they would charge.

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  8. Fark me, is there anything you don't know about bikes or the internetz haha

  9. The older I get mate the more ignorant I think I am. Only youth has certainty ;)
  10. Extraordinary what you can find on the internet.

    I had only one key for a VT750C. I bought a blank from Honda, which cost about $45 and had it cut at the local key cutting place. Then I had to take it to the dealer to get it programmed. They did it for nothing which was very kind of them.

    Chris, do you know anything about the 4 key limit?
  11. Yes, it has HISS. Went to the dealer I bought it from this morning - only one key. Bummer.
    I work opposite the Honda dealer so will go over during the week and sort out a replacement - while I'm at it I'll get them to check for recalls (this VIN has had I think two recalls issued).
    Thanks for the vid cjvfr, very informative! Ghetto lead, love it! :) I've probably got enough electronic components knocking about at home to whip one up in a few minutes!
  12. I think the ECU can remember up to 4 keys at any one time, so the limit is only on the maximum number of programmed keys you can have at once.
  13. OK and if you lose them all you have to replace the PGM-FI unit/ignition control module. I guess that's because you need one working key to activate the registration process.

  14. If you have no keys left then yes it is probably a PGM replacement. If you have 4 keys though and you lose one you can go through the process of introducing each old key plus a new key to the system and you will have 4 keys again. You need at least one pre-registered key to start the process.
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  15. Just curious, do these type of keys emit a signal of some sort ? I f so I wonder what the life of them is.
  16. Dunno. The Honda manual says to make sure you only have one near the ignition at the same time lest you confuse it, so you'd have thought there was some sort of signal going on. The question is whether you cold start the bike with a plain key provided a coded one was adjacent. Then would it keep running. I fear I've no way of checking.
  17. I don't think they have a battery. Something more along the lines of a static chip and the actual barrel of the bike powers it up to acknowledge correct key
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  18. I suspect they're passive RFID and yes, starting the bike with s plain key and a transponder nearby should work.
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  19. Congrats on the new steed, can we assume that it may make a change to your Grumpy status :LOL:?
  20. No. But at least I'll have an outlet to remove some of it in between annoyances!