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{Moved from General} Motorcycle soon after P1

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SuperHans, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Well i recently just got my P plates after just turning 18. Im looking to get a bike soon but my parents are worried that im going to crash if i get bike. Should i wait longer and get more practice in a car or go straight to practicing with a bike?

  2. Have you ridden much on a pushbike (riding on the road)? I think that gives you more motorcycling skills than a car, cars just generally teach you bad habits.
  3. Who is paying for the bike?

    If it's your parents then you don't have much choice.

    If it's you, they they don't have much choice.
  4. how mature are you? personally i was really mature at 18 and wasnt into clubbing and hooning around suburban streets so i was a good novice rider. i was also lucky and had a good paying job so before i even got a bike i spent $2000 on riding gear because i never ride anywhere without everything on. but thats just me and i wanted to keep my 150+hours worth of tattoos on my skin if i went for a slide.

    most of young riders accidents that they cause to themselves comes back to their attitude imo. but then most accidents riders are not at fault but get caught up in someone elses lapse of concentration.
  5. I wanted a motorbike at your age but am glad I waited until now (27) before getting one because I can read the traffic a lot better than when I was 18. Also I feel a lot less invincible than I did then so my behaviour is a lot different (especially after I have been in one car accident that has caused permanent damage to my back). But everyone is different.

    I would do a defensive riding course (or driving if you get a car) for sure though. I did one of them when I was 18 for my car and it taught me a lot of stuff that saved my arse a few times. I want to do a riding one too so maybe look into something like that too?
  6. Just to balance this, from a parents point of view.

    When our eldest turned 16 he got his car learners permit. When he was 16 and 9 months we asked him if he wanted a car or bike, we would help with one but not both. He decided to get a bike. He is now 23 and has only just got his drivers license (thanks to the Army).

    As parents we were happy for him to get his bike license. Our theory being that he was less likely to be unduly influenced by his mates on a bike than he would in a car. He had been around bikes and riders for most of his life, so fully understood the pain involved if it went pear shaped.

    The other reason we were happy for him to get a bike was it meant he wasn't as reliant on us to get to sport, he played, coached and refereed soccer.

    Would we have been so keen had we not be riders ourselves or if we'd lived in the city? Probably not.

    Interestingly, our youngest (now 17) doesn't want a bike yet, he's more interested in getting a car license, which means more work and expense for us. But it also means he can more easily cart his guitar and amp around.
  7. Waited till i was 21. Don't regret it. Got myself a lot of experience in the cage, bought a fast cage, can appreciate the bike much more since even though i was mature at 18, it's a riskier experience than the car and i'm glad i had the road experience first.

    HOWEVER...the quicker you get on one, the quicker you become a better rider :D
  8. I got mine L's at 16 + 9 months I think (Was over 20 years ago now!) but I had been riding dirt bikes since I was about 12, so when I got on the road I only had to learn to deal with traffic.

    If you don't have that experience it really is a steep learning curve. You should try and find an experienced (sensible) rider who can act as a mentor for a while and start in very quite side streets until manipulating the controls comes without thought. Ease into more traffic slowly, don't rush to tackle peak hour.

    As a parent, I have to say, I really hope none of my children want to ride bikes on the road.
  9. I waited till more mature at 60! I think I waited a bit too long! Go for it but be careful it is tricky. Drive like cars are trying to kill you.