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{Moved from General} Michelin Pilot 2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PRJ564, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, the rear tyre on the XJR is in desperate need of replacing. Just rode over Mt Hotham through a snow storm (very interesting ride) and found the rear tyre completely stuffed. Im looking at getting a Michelin Road Pilot 2, has anyone had anything to do with them


  2. Here is a report on the Pilot Road 3 which seems to have superb wet weather grip and long life. Sorry can't help on the PR2 though.

  3. Thanks, I will take a look.
  4. Discovering the brand of tyre that suits your style and sticking with it something only old fellers know of.

    That said, I'm a Michelin man. ;)
  5. road 2's are great... road 3's are supposed to be better.

    just get the road 3, chances are the 2 will be old stock anyway and the rubber wont be as fresh....
  6. Like @ MarkF I've long been a Michelin man . Have run lots of them . I know some will disagree but usually a pilot power front (sport) with a sport touring rear - eg pilot road , road 2 or later road 3 . TBH the best was the original pilot road rear , never once had it let go wet or dry . Confidence inspiring . Used to get 11k-ish , best of 13k . IMO each subsequent "update" has gotten worse , loss of confident feel (nervous feel at times) , and with reduced mileages as well . Not bad tyres , just a growing dissatisfaction generally . Have run Continental Sport Attack front / Road Attack (1 and 2) rear - not bad , nice progressive roll in like a Pirelli , good grip ,but shorter life and no cheaper . Recently switched to Pirelli Angel GT's front and rear (front 1st rear approx 4k later - not ideal I know and wouldn't do it again , new GT front with half worn PR3 rear was not nice) . GT
    front is noticeably stiffer in feel compared to a sports front like a Power but once used to it is fine . Once the GT rear went on they've felt great .
  7. The Michelin roadies are rain tyres. The 2's weren't so absolute but the the roady 3's are total dedicated rain rubber. Still good in the dry, don't get me wrong.

    The Power and Pure are just great street tyres. Love 'em!
  8. i got 24000 out of a front and 18000 out of a rear on my 600 with road 2's.
  9. Jeebus , how the hell did you manage that ?
  10. to be fair the last couple of thousand they were pretty shagged but it was summer and i knew the bike would be due for a service coming into winter... and rain... so made em last till then..

    bit of touring in tassie, fair bit of fastish stuff on open type roads in WA....
  11. im pretty light on tyres in general... for better or worse.
  12. For a moment there I thought the bike must have churned out some miles on the stand... :)
  13. Well that was my last PR3 that's not long been replaced : uploadfromtaptalk1384257494007.
    Bit over 8200km - worst ever for me from a Pilot Road variant - but admittedly last 4900km was fairly hard running interstate .
  14. that looks like a 2.... wheres the sipes? lol
  15. Yeah definitely a PR3 rear , just fairly shagged .
  16. The 2s and 3s are an awesome tyre I had then on my Vfr over 5 years and never misst a beat got around 12-15000ks out of them commuting and hooning around the hills . Would recommend .
  17. I have Pilot Road 2s on my BMW R850R .

    They replaced the previous pair of PR2s.

    I was extremely happy with them and got just under 20 thou Kms from the first set.

    I wasn't game enough to try the PR3s, because of various stories I had heard about them.

    Of the PR3s, one piece of info that I pass on, FIFW, is that there are two different back tyres, the same size, but one is for heavier, more powerful bikes.
  18. im not sure about 2 tyres for more powerful bikes... but they DO do a PR3 for adventure type bikes that seems to look the same but is built different....
  19. My fiance got 20000km out of his rear Pilot Road 2 and is very happy with them. He has a Sprint and I believe he has close to the max recommended pressure in them which slowed down the wear a lot.
  20. Thanks everyone, Im booked in tomorrow for the pilot 2.
    Heard just a few tales about the 3 to put me off.