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{Moved from General} May have to do my course again :/

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OldSport, May 23, 2014.

  1. I went to the Woden Canberra shopfront today and they told me they couldn't upgrade me to my Provisional licence from my Learners because 1 month has passed and it clearly says it on the paper.

    The thing is, my instructor said that I could do it within 3 months, not 1 month and that the "1 month" implies to my learner STATUS and not the certificate's validity.

    I gave the stay upright office a call about it, told them about what the instructor told me and they disregarded it saying that they can't "validate" that the instructor told me that and then told me that I have to do the whole course again.

    Can anyone shine any light on this? I'm really disappointed.

    If anyone wants to know the reason why I couldn't do it within 1 calendar month - I looked up on the shopfront website and it says I needed an amount of money to change my licence so I had to earn some money first before trying to give in the certificate and getting my licence.
  2. Hi, sorry but I'm a little confused.
    It may be different down here, but you have your learners ? And now you want to go for your P's ?
    Is that it ?

    What is the waiting or practising period ? I would expect it to be 3 or 6 mths.

    Down here you are allowed to hold your L's for 13 mths, or 1 year + 1 month. After that they expire and you have to re-sit the test. I think the minimum wait period that you can hold them before upgrading is 6 months. You'd have to check the NSW laws though.

    I'd expect that if you have only had them for 1 month they are telling you to wait another 2 months.