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{moved From General} Looking For A Good Place To Order Two Brothers Exhausts

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Relax, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone I'm just chasing a good shop to pre/order a two brothers exhaust from in Queensland.

  2. I find ebay a great place to start as it will give you pricing and shipping options. In many cases it's some form of bricks and mortar shop selling the items, I then try and find thier website to check pricing and shipping again.
    I dare say the buying in from the US will be your best bet. Delivery times are pretty good, I just had parts sent from the US and the UK and both landed about a week after payment.
  3. So direct from two brothers US would be better?

    There is a Australian dealer but when I rang they said they dont deal direct...
  4. Oh, you'll actually talking about pipes, bugger thought this might have been interesting.
  5. I bought one from More Power Racing in the U.S. Prompt delivery and the price at the time (a year ago) was less than from TBR itself.
  6. I bought some a few years back for my bike at the time (FZ6n) from Motomummy and it was half the price of the local shops and arrived within a week.
  7. With my flame suit on you'll be fine as long as you aren't looking for a place to buy a good 2 brothers exhaust, cos they don't make them, no effense intended to anyone esp if u had your heart set on it. Leo, graves, akra in that order for peformance, construction, materials, history and results to back them up, not the name. And comparable pricing to the other one, for your consideration only of course.

  8. Utter Bollocks.

    TBR design their stuff on the bike and on their dyno, as well as having been involved in racing over the years.

    I can tell you first-hand, the design and build quality is top shelf.
  9. I found ebay the best, but ensure you check all the prices as they can vary by as much as $300 for the same pipe and some want drug money for shipping aswell. There are a lot of good accessory stores on there in the US, who have good pricing.
  10. The order I suggested was 3-2-1 btw with akra 1st, sorry for the confusion if thats what you are calling bollocks on. If however you think I'm going to debate why 2sisters gear is worth it over another exh then you are wrong. I thought I might be able to assist some one making a more informed decision about exhausts performance other than their sound. Carry on.
  11. Do Two Brothers have a shop on Ebay? Delkevic do and I bought my slip-on direct from them. Email Two Brothers and ask/suggest, they might tell you how/where to buy it direct.