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{Moved from General} Looking for a good allrounder

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by StanFNQ, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Well my 2008 GSXR is sold and I'm stuck wondering what I want to replace it with. I've become a bit of a suspension and brake snob with the gsxr but it was terrible around town and even on the road in general, if I am honest. Can't even wind the thing out in any gear without a look around for the boys in blue.

    I miss the bottom end of a V twin and the comfort of a sport tourer. My thoughts have been going to the new 650 V Strom. Awesome motor, comfy, nimble, great fuel range for the touring aspect but rather lack lustre suspension and average at best brakes. Throwing $1500 at the strom will have the suspension sorted but I'm still left with 19 inch front rubber.

    The VFR 800 has some real benefits but it's heavy and has a massive flat spot before the Vtec cuts in.

    I generally like low km bikes but I'm thinking if I threw $1500 at a strom, why not throw $1500 on a second hand bike that was truly a great allrounder in its day and bring it up to good nick suspension wise.

    What bikes do it all, good general handling in the twisties, a decent bottom end around town, nimble enough to enjoy, and has a reasonable level of comfort?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts.

  2. Looking for a Good Allrounder.........

    Have you considered a TDM900? Yammie blue spot brakes, fully adjustable suspension front / rear, comfortable upright seating position / seat, 400km range from a tankful of fuel, add a power commander to smooth out the low down power delivery and BINGO! One sweet allrounder!

    I am somewhat biased though (y)
  3. Triumph Tiger 1050

    Upright riding position for comfort (like a standard) but with a half fairing to reduce wind pressure.
    Removable panniers for touring.
    Good handling, suspension and clearance (not sports bike but good).
    Less weight, more torque than a four cylinder (and triple sound!)
    More power and less weight than the VFR800 and no silly on/off valves to ruin the ride.
  4. ACHTUNG, ACHTUNG! The following opinion is based on research not real world experience, as well as a hefty dose of irrational love.

    I have read many accounts that the Hayabusa is actually a fantastic all-rounder. While it is generally only mentioned in terms of it's straight line performance, it is widely regarded as being very comfortable for touring, quite decent in the twisty's (as above, not sports bike but good), very even and smooth power band making it good around town.

    Again, this is just based on research, but from many sources, not just the bias turkeys over at hayabusa.org :p
  5. Gurb , typically i think your supposed to
    recomend your own bike in these threads
  6. I wish I could afford a Multistrada.
  7. As in only recommend bikes you have first hand experience with, or because we're all supposed to brag that our own bikes are the best at everything?
  8. I ride my vtr1000f in the traffic, its great. Only bad thing really is crap fuel econ. Sometimes 150km per tank.
  9. The Multistrada has every good point of the Triumph Tiger 1050 and then some, the only downside is the price which is high enough to put it outside most riders budget.
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    Find yourself a low-KM Gen 5 VFR. - No VTEC in those and they are widely regarded as being the best all-round sports bike ever made. If you have a spare $1500 to put into one, get your front forks rebuilt, replace the rear shock and replace the reg/rec.

    As for the suggestion that you might find a Hayabusa acceptable, be warned that they run hot. In summer it is like sitting on an oil heater.
  11. Versys 650. Actually no, the suspension is crap and so are the brakes. And they're ugly, and need a bit more power.

    Hmmm, why do i love mine so much? Maybe because i'm poor and can't justify a tiger 1050!
  12. yer spose to brag... )
    just havin a joke
  13. All good buddy, it would be fair enough if you actually did mean only recommend bikes you have experience with.
  14. Triumph Sprint ST ticks all your boxes. Super flexible 1050 triple, comfy ergos, not a light bike but pretty nimble regards. Suspension's pretty basic, but good examples can be had very cheap ATM.
  15. Had a Hayabusa and it was killing my wrists ... got to the point where I'd get a few k's down the road and was in pain. Found out later that it had to do with the angle of the clip-ons - way too inward and down for me.
    Now have a ZX12R and love it ... can go all day in comfort (seat, riding position, wind protection) - also find it reasonably easy to stick to the limit ... but also lots of fun if you want to "get up it" a bit. Handles great, too and - if that is a factor - very comfortable for pillion.
    Other than that, perhaps GSX1400 - loads of torque and probably the most comfortable seat I've ever had on a bike.
  16. Give us a budget to work to!
    And why hasn't anyone mentioned a Street Triple yet?
  17. Because they're uglier than Chelsea Clinton and a hot ride in traffic?
  18. See! This is why people should test ride bikes (or at least go and sit on them).

    I find the ZR12R one of the most UNCOMFORTABLE bikes I've ever ridden but find the Hayabusa one of the more comfortable sporty tourers.

    The reason? The angle of the clipons on the ZX12R is way to outward and up for me, the Hayabusa ones are in exactly the right spot (for me).

    Everyone's got different length arms, different length bodies and what fits them will be different.
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  19. Bandit 1250s.
  20. The Viffers don't have a flat spot under the 4 valve cut in. Mine just makes more noise when they do cut in. Which is about 6,300. Way it's tuned the power hits bout 8,000. The 02's cut in was a bit abrupt and at a lower rpm I think.
    We need a budget to pick a bike. Old Blades, ZX9's and the like make fantastic all rounders now days and can be had around or under $7G