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{Moved from General} Large LAM bike for tall rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by OddCoffee, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hi there, I know that this forum gets pretty spammed with LAMs questions, but i've searched for a while now and I can't seem to get a straight enough result.

    I'm thinking about getting my bike L's and buying a new bike, looking at a street/sportbike. I'm quite experienced with riding dirtbikes, although I know there's quite a difference between road and dirt, I think i'm more than confident in getting 'bigger' bike than your standard learner 250/300 (or as big as possible with LAM restrictions).
    The problem is that i'm a tall guy at 6 foot/4 inch and 100 Kg's.
    Mainly the bike would be used for commuting, although i'd also be doing a lot of highway miles, as well as the occasional weekend twisty mountain road, so it would need to be comfortable.

    Because of the LAM's power/weight restriction I don't know whether or not to go for a larger 500/650 such as Honda CB500/Yamaha XJ6 which would obviously 'fit' my size better and have more power OR settle for something with a smaller engine, such as 390 Duke/Ninja 300.
    I know that the 600+ cc engines are nerfed in order to comply with the rules, so the trade off between weight/power and handling makes for a more difficult decision. It's the main point that's holding me back, because I don't want to compromise. 150Kw/t seems a bit small for my size, unfortunately.


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  2. I'm 6'2 and 120kg and my LAMS bike was a Kawasaki 650L ninja and it was fine. Issue with the LAMS bikes is lack of torque so you need to do a bit of gear changing to follow the high capacity bikes and ring its neck a bit.

    All good training ;-)

    Size wise it was fine.

    Cheers Spocky
  3. Dang, just realized this is in the wrong section! Sorry! Mod, could you possibly move this to the correct section please?

  4. Ahh, no. The issue with a LAMS 650 is a lack of peak power, not torque.

    On the other hand, the issue with a 300 is power AND torque.

    Get yourself a 650 LAMS. Plenty of torque for lugging around you're larger than average build.
  5. I rode a GSX650F yesterday - it seemed to have plenty of torque to haul my fat 140kgs around, I am 6'4 too.
  6. The reality is that top end speed is not what most LAMS riding is about but learning to handle twisties and commuting and for that pick up (via torque (which is linked to peak power) is more important than power as such. Spent a lot of time chasing Harleys and Triumph cruisers of friends and that's the main issue having to crank down through the gears wher5e their torque can just power out in whatever gear they are in.

    Since I have 'graduated' to bigger bikes my top speed has not increased above the speed limit (**cough**) but not having to chunk through the gears is a big difference in managing riding through the hills and national park for example.

    Cheers Spocky
  7. I have a GSX650F and i enjoy it quite a fair bit... some tall bikes would be the Kawasaki Versys 650 (LAMS) and the Yamaha Tenere. Both adventure tourers however.
  8. I'm 6'1" and I have Versys 650. I pretty much tip to with it.

    The Versys isn't an adventure tourer really. It's still meant to be a sports tourer. It's engine and ergs are just more on the tourer side rather than the sports side.

    I find the torque more than adequate for my needs.
  9. Righto, makes sense. Most bikes, regardless of their capacity seem to produce enough power to meet the limit, but the littler ones won't make enough torque to cruise at quicker speeds?

    Just been looking at the Yamaha MT-03 online, looks pretty cool so far. Wonder what it's pick-up is like.
  10. Tried a Duke 390 yet? Oodles of torque.
  11. Haven't tried anything yet, but I wanna give something a go sooner rather than later. The duke looks awesome.
  12. Im 6'4" but a little lighter. I went out for a poke around the bends this weekend and swapped my LAMS SV650 with a friends CBR250R for about half an hour during the ride. Really made me appreciate not having to bang through gears on my SV just to get around a corner!!

    That v-twin torque makes a world of difference, although from a kW to tonnage ratio is quite similar to the cbr from what I gather.

    Here is a good website that will help you look at what you will look like on your potential ride of choice that helped me when I was shopping around and Here is a recent thread with some other suggestions.

    Aquila, HD, Suzuki, Hyosung + others all have V -twin LAMS bikes, really depends on what riding you want to do and the cash you are willing to part with.

    Happy hunting
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    Checking out the Hyosung GT650R, and it looks good. It's a pretty looking sporty bike, and apparently one of the highest selling Lams bikes in Aus. Just very worrying when hearing about the quality of Hyosung. Am I right in thinking that they have a bit of a 'Cheap and nasty' reputation about them?

    Checked out reviews of the SV and SFV 650, which generally are quite good. Main points of the bike are that it is uncomfortable for riders over 190cm tall.
    Also had a look at GSX 650. It literally seems like the most appropriate bike. I really wish it wasn't so god damned ugly though! I mean, I know it's designed for learning and comfort, but ugh, my eyes! o_O
  14. As I said earlier, I've put 4500km on in 2 and a half months, most of them weekend rides, no wrist/leg pain to speak of.. ever. That said, other bikes may be more comfortable and I am nonethewiser, however point is, not the slightest bit of discomfort after that time.

    I too was looking at 650R until I heard a couple of stories of earlier (mid 2000s) Hyo models having this thing where the front brake line fails on occasion... So the SV is the only modern LAMS bike with clip ons, a large hand/hip/ankle triangle for me that I could find.
  15. I'm on a SFV650. Can contest that the Suzuki V-Twin is all-torque!! 3 years and I'm still loving it!
  16. Have a look at the DR650 and KLR650.
  17. I road 175's and 250's most of my life and they all did the job just fine. Climbed bush tracks up mountains on a 175 no probs. I am around 186cm and 110Kgs. No need for big bikes just try before you buy and get what you feel is good not what you are told to get.

  18. dr 650 is a hoot to ride... and im having serious thoughts about motarding it..

    Just remember that the dr is a very simple bike that is ripe for modifications.
  19. My son had a KLR650 for his first bike. We bought him a set of 17" rims for it. He absolutely loved it. Ultimately he killed with abuse, but hey 17yr olds tend to do that.

    I must say that I had a ball riding it around town, the ultimate commuter, I couldn't believe it was learner legal - until I took it for a ride to Tumbarumba - most uncomfortable seat I've sat on and it struggled up some of the bigger hills with my (then) 115kg on it's back.