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{Moved from General} L Plater in Geelong

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Alfa13, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Who was dickhead L plater rider on the James Harrison bridge yesterday?

    People like you weaving in and out of traffic give the rest of us a bad name.

    You are obviously a new rider, (in your full leathers) as you didn't even realise that I was in your left lane when you weaved to the left and just missing me and causing me to take evasive action.

    May I suggest sthat if you are going to do that sort of stuff, that you have a good look around before you weave because not all traffic is as slow as you might think!!

    That way you may live longer.
  2. Should probably be in the rant thread not a post of it's own...
  3. Did he hit a kitten?
  4. What makes you think all riders read this forum ?
    Even if this person did read it would you expect them to reply ?
    How was the point he was wearing full leathers worthy of a mention ?
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  5. "obviously a new rider "

    Der fred,he had a L plate.
    Why were you riding in a learners blind spot ?
  6. He was in the right lane weaving through traffic and I KEPT in my left lane if he'd checked with mirrows and head he would have easily seen me.

    I've ben riding for over 30 years and ride from Geelong to Melb daily. I believe that I have a little experience on the road.

    This guy had little idea of his situational awarence and was a danger not only to himself but to other road users.

    I would be the last to critise any rider however in this instance my comments were warranted and a message to all riders to check mirrows and that a busy public road isn't a race track.

    The point I was trying to make with the leathers was, just because he wears them dosen't make him a Valentino Rossi.

    Thanks guys. We riders, have a bad enough time with the cagers as it is and this sort of thing dosen't help our cause. At one point I found my self apoligising to drivers for his actions.
  7. I'm not disagreeing with you, from what you've said he has some serious learning to do. But then again he is a LEARNER.

    So lets assume for a moment that he is, as unlikely as it is, a member on this forum. Exactly how is your rant going to help his situational awareness?

    And you should NEVER apologise for someone elses actions, they may be been quite deliberate.
  8. Just because he has an L plate doesn't mean he is a new rider. He could have been riding for years without a licence.

    In fact, I've seen some pretty crappy riding from very experienced riders in the past - just like you've described above.
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  9. I find it amazing that people automatically jump to the other riders defense.

    This bloke is correct, was in the right, and it sounds like the Learner (yes, or the rider who has riden for a hundred years, but recently re-gained his license........) was riding pretty erratically.

    None of us were there, so why argue about it?
  10. Indeed, I was not there and furthermore couldn't care.

    But to your question, why (do people) argue about it?
    Because it is easier to assert ego in opposition than to agree. With agreement you blend in and merge. To disagree you stand out and are more visible.
    So from a simple emotional behavioral position, a tantrum gets more attention than a smile.
    So while the internet may seem to attract knockers, negs and nongs, it is because it is easier to stand apart and be noticed in opposition than 'nod' and submerge into a 'me too'.

    (aside: our political system has the same characteristic and isn't that a splendid thing we all love dearly? :( )

    to OP: I am so glad you did not fall off the bridge. Wet leathers would have been such a bugger to dry.
  11. Geez Otto, If I knew how to nod on here now, I'da given ya one. Nicely said Old Chap.
  12. Be piss arse boring if every thread had everyone agreeing
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  13. That's never gonna happen on this forum.
  14. Yes it will
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  15. haha...through to the keeper that one.
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  16. Swing and a miss ! Haha
  17. Gotta watch the googlys.
  18. Predictable slow paced that had some wicked spin
  19. That sounds like my riding style in the wet!