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{Moved from General} Kawasaki 650rl / Kawa Er6nl Prices

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jjman, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Good morning,

    Interested in a 650rl or a Er6nl 2012/13 (new model).
    Would love to no the best prices you have screwed those salesmen down to.
    Everyone on bikesales seems to think they can sell a used bike more than the original price.
  2. I'll be looking at the un-restricted ones in about 5 months. So keen to hear people's experiences.
  3. For an ER6NL, you can easily get most places to $9,990 with on-roads (though you probably already know that), I had one place tell me $11k.

    I got mine down a bit more but can't remember the exact price as I purchased $2.5k of extra goodies at the time (leathers, helmet, oggys etc etc). I know I got 10% of all my extras, but even then that tally is more than I paid, which means my bike came down to around $9800 - $9,900. Sorry to be vague but I don't have the paper work in front of me!

    I remember looking at second hand 2012 models online and realising I was only paying around $700 more for a brand new bike with no km's vs an average of a couple of thousand km's!

    Hope this was of some help...
  4. Hi

    I paid $10,200 ride away in Feb when there were very few in the country, would think you should easily get it for under $10,000 now.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. I was looking for one in August/Sep. Local dealer offered 11,500. Went to echuca and got offered 10,250. I know where I would be going if I hadn't ordered a 300 soon after
  6. I agree with what the other chaps are saying, if you pay more than $10K OTR you're being screwed. I know from experience that an ER6 and Versys (ER6 on stilts) can be had for $10K.
    Good choice of bike too.
  7. TeamMoto at Albion came down to 9.3K earlier in the year for me. There was also a place up the Sunshine coast that was competitive.
  8. Found my old post...
    TM Albion quoted $11.5K over the phone.
    $9.5K after I went down there and booked a test ride.
    $9.3K a few days after the test ride.
    Dean was the guy I dealt with.
    Good luck, they are a great LAMS bike.