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{moved from General} Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by danielpentz, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, thought i would finally join up after browsing for some time.
    Booked in for my license later this month and in the mean time i have been checking out and researching bikes.
    The Honda RVF400 has fairly caught my eye, although being a grey import, I can pretty much only read positive.
    I understand they have a bit of get up and a bit more weight than the 250's, so won't get thrashed around in the wind as much. Also i cna have the bike when i am off LAMS too.
    If anyone has any advice or tips, or an RVF they want to get rid of, I'm all ears.
    Cheers guys, Daniel.

  2. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Really? Do some more research!

    Overpriced, under maintened, grey import with possibly unknown kms & new fairings?


    It's certainly one of the best looking lams out there ;)
  3. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Avoid grey imports unless you know you can get the parts and can work on the bike yourself.
  4. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Ducati 659 Monster!
  5. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    The Ducati looks nice, thanks.
    Cheers for the advice.
    I figured parts wouldn't be that hard to come by being so many Honda's getting around, but i can see the implications.
    I've also been told the Suzuki SV650's are a good bike.
  6. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

  7. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Here's some home work for you. Go into a Honda dealer and ask them whether they have or can get a foot peg for a RVF400. Let me know what they say.
  8. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    read alot on here, many have asked the same question!!
    what are your needs? commute? weekend ride? track? etc etc.
  9. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    First off, avoid grey imports if you can. Especially as some of the dealers are shifty scam artists (cough *sumoto* cough).

    As for having the bike when you're off LAMS: this won't happen. After 2 years on restriction (or 4 depending on your licensing), you'll be craving more power - this I can guarantee.

    My best suggestion is to find yourself a nice cheap 2nd-hand 250 or 400, go with something that has a solid service history, and a frame that fits you. Enjoy it and get to grips with riding generally from the training and on-road experience. Don't concern yourself with fancy RVF400's, or Ducati 659's. Get an old SR500, or a Hyosung 250, or a CB400 or something.

    When the time comes for you to come off restrictions, then splurge on something a bit fancier (maybe not a litre bike to write yourself on straight away, but something a lot better). As they say, you are very likely to drop your first bike!

    Excellent advice.
  10. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    If you're interested in ridiculously stupid first bikes, make an offer on my VFR :p

    All parts come from england. Fuel economy is dreadful. I fear the day i have to do any serious maintenance on it.

    But gee it puts a smile on the old dial.

    (it's a grey import if you didn't figure it out already)

    You seem to have some money to spend; advice? get something reliable and nothing more. When you get your p's, then consider an upgrade. It's been said once it's been said a million times, but people still buy a nice shiny bike, ride it like a pussy because they're afraid of dumping it, then dump it anyway.


    CBR250RR if you like the look of the RVF...
  11. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Good morning! All of the feedback is muchly appreciated.
    I'm after something bigger than a 250, the sv650 pre 2003 models are striking my fancy. Carby fed. Do they have an ECU? I mean the post models have swishey led taillights and the bodies look more modern, but i don't like the idea of digital speedometers.
    Less satisfaction not watching the needle climb. And to retro fit an led taillight into the older models wouldn't be difficult.
    As for what i will use it for; Not really ride to work, as i keep all my tools in my car. But after work, weekends, and my girlfriend is at uni 4 hours away, so mainly highway the whole way. I want a bike that's a bit sporty but still comfortable on longer rides. So far i think the sv would provide this.
    I would be after a naked one.

    So my questions
    1. could an analogue speedo be retro fitted to later model bikes?

    2. i am Around 5'10" and weigh close to 100kg with intention to keep putting on weight, how would this bike be?

    3. With the older models, what would the repercussions of removing the rear mudguard (apart from moving license plate and indicators). Would i get sprayed by the back wheel? The newer models don't have one, that's why i ask.


    Sorry for the essay, Cheers!
  12. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    Have you considered a motard?

    I started on a zxr250 and realised pretty quick that having a quick (for a 250) lams bike kinda sucks when you're commuting everyday and there's so many traffic lights on the way to work.. so got a klx250sf and it's a friken ball!
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  13. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    I've had a look at them. Undecided if i am interested in them, but off appearance they are pretty cool. I think i saw an Aprilia 550?

    I won't really be commuting to work as i keep my tools in my car.
    I would it after work, weekends, and my girlfriend studies at uni 4 hours away, and it is mostly highway so pretty cruisy trip. I like the idea of a sportier bike, but i want a comfy bike for longer rides too.
    I've been having a look into the SV650's (naked). Pre 2003 models with the analogue speedo.
    Can't see the satisfaction with a digital one, with no needle moving.

    I've got a few questions about the Sv's

    1. I'm around 5'10", and weigh around 100kg. How would this be sized for the bike?

    2. on the pre 03 models, they have a rear mudguard. the pos 03 ones got rid of it, and i reckon it looks a bit more spiffy. Would i get sprayed from the rear wheel by removing the mudguard? i know i would have to modify the indicators and reg plate.


    3. Possible retrofit an analogue speedo for digital on post 2003 ? (pretty sure that's pushing crap uphill though)

    Also i've heard suzuki carby's are strong and reliable, whereas the FI is Very stock standard.

  14. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    I'm not sure if my posts are going through.

    -ahh ok they have links to bikes and i am guessing the moderators have to check them.

    Righto well there will be two essays that are pretty similar with sv650 images and an image of an rvf. Hope they appear soon.
    I appreciate all the responses from everyone, just hope these posts come through before the next cultural uprising
  15. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    disagree. i take my grey import to many different mechanics and its never been an issue. Not at the place the previous owner had it serviced, lloyd penn, not at the main honda dealer in canberra, and not at the place i get it serviced in sydney either.

    At least with hondas, the grey importness is not an issue.

    They will say, sure no dramas bro, and give you a generic honda foot peg because almost all hondas from back then had interchangeable parts of menial things like footpegs etc.
  16. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    gotta say though, the RVFs with Tyga kits are damn nice
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  18. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    I considered a grey import years ago and was told by a number of bike shops that they'd be happy to do basic servicing (oil/grease/brakes etc) but don't bring it to them if it requires anything more because parts supply would be an issue, unless I was happy to use non-genuine cheapy parts.
  19. Re: Just getting my license. Possible bikes?

    RVF400s are ridiculously expensive for what they are.
    I'd go straight for an SV650s LAM (lower fairing and solo cowl options)

    A little 'tuning' and they run very well ;)
    plus you get proper suspension & tyres, etc