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{moved From General} Intrigue By Honda

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dima, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Honda is playing with us! :) What will they uncover? http://powersports.honda.com/

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    my tip is it will be ugly.... everything else honda have released recently has been.

    aside from that... cheapie CBR500 and naked sibling perhaps... or something of the large ugly automatic scooter variety perhaps?

    after all the time i spent waiting on the honda V4 website for a new V4 sports bike that ended up being the VFR1200 i'm not buying into honda's crap again.

    new colours and old bikes.

    few minor tweaks...like the re-released VTR250 got... but largely the same old bikes cause they worked out nobody likes their new crap.

    BRING BACK THE VTR1000's and the Blackbird!
  3. Yep. I'm guessing same old crap, with new paint schemes.
  4. Is it just me or do all those 'bikes' have more a cruiser/tourer shape than a sports bike shape.
  5. Only 1hr 50mins to go!

    Go Honda go :) you better not disappoint
  6. Not exactly enthralled.
  7. Nothing to see here, move along. Honda disapoints again.
  8. Yep. The same info as on their US website - only later.

    And you can tell it's US info from the comment in the description for the CBR500 of "carving the canyons". Australia doesn't have any canyons Honda, at least none you can ride in. :rolleyes:
  9. Yep all the weights were given in pounds, fuel in gallons etc.
  10. It looks like they've introduced CBR500R. Some parts are borrowed from the CBR250R, some from CBR1000RR?

    That must be a pretty ugly duck...

    However, the price seems to be very competitive ($6000 USD) and I wouldn't disregard it so quickly.
  11. Yes, but it also lists the CBR250R as $4200 vs the $5,500rrp it has here.
    So wouldn't be surprised to see the 500 priced here more around the $8,000 mark.
  12. It is a shame the CB500F is so ugly.
    Also not keen on the look of the CB1100, though that isn't a bike I'm about to buy so they probably don't really care what I think.

    CB400 still looks nice to me!
  13. Designers have massive computing power at their fingertips yet they still cannot model something that doesn't look like a flying turd these days. Apart from the Germans (BMW SS) and pretty much any Duc from the Italians. When did Honda last produce a beautiful new bike (not a pastiche based on an old model)?
  14. You meet the least excited people on a Honda.
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  15. That's because they try and design it using a computer.
    Bring back the days of designers sketching shit on the back of napkin in a bar.
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  16. Needs more Soichiro spirit in them. Honda used to be great because the chief engineer ran the place.
  17. If the CB500 is around $8000 I wonder what they'll do with the NC700 which is only $8500 but has the huge disadvantage of not being LAMS approved.

    I think the NC700 is an interesting idea, though I've never ridden one to know how boring they are.
  18. I find it mildly amusing that some of you thought that the most boring bike manufacturer had released something interesting and exciting.
  19. More like hoped they would release something exciting.
    Rune, NSR500, CBR600RR etc, they can do it when they want to.