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{Moved from General} How long do slicks last?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rubenastley, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. hey guys,

    i have access to some new slick tires for relatively cheap around $300 the set. Now i'm a moderate rider and never used slicks. How many track days (with tire warmers of course) roughly can i expect out of them from a VFR400R at medium pace.


  2. Its hard to give a finite answer to this sort of question, there are so many variables.

    Rubber compound
    Rider weight
    Riding style
    Track type
    Ambient weather conditions
    Suspension setup

    also, Get the tyre pressure wrong and they won't last a day.

    On my 600cc bike, Running a medium compound rear and medium front, I get around 4 or 5 track days out of the rear, (mainly because QR is mostly right handers) and maybe a day or two extra from the front. Thats pretty comfortable riding. If I start sliding the rear around a lot... then this happens :)
    (They overheated)

  3. Well they've no tread to wear out so I'd say they should last pretty much forever :D.
  4. That's like asking "How longs a piece of string".
  5. Totes agree ^^^
  6. just after a ball park figure, not sure if it worth buying slicks if they last 2 track days.. if anything beyond 3 track days then i'm all for it
  7. You should get 3 uses out of them if you're a medium paced 400 rider. Fronts on most makes will last at least 2 rears and maybe more. But as the guys above have indicated, no guarantees.

    If I were you, I'd try the stickiest compound first time round, just to get a feel of what they're capable of.
  8. I'm running the metzeller k2 race slicks, I've done 3 days at EC on them and they're still like new. There's atleast 3-4 days in them. I ride at an ok pace but I'm pretty smooth on the gas I get pretty clean and even wear on the rear. Some people **** the guts out of the tyres kinda like the photo above (no offense intended), I'm not sure if they're riding harder or it's a suspension issue etc.
  9. That's after one day but it looks very similer now. Still heaps of tread depth.

  10. just bought a new rear for 183 and front for 215 from seperate vendors.. does $400 sound about right for a 120 and 155 rear bridgestones?
  11. I got about 5 race days out of my set of Bridgestone BattlAx slicks on the VFR400. 1 prac day at PI, 1 race day at PI, 1 race day at Winton, 2 race days at Broadford. Mind you I am not fast so my tyre wear is probably minimal in comparison. Since I don't know what you mean by medium pace, these are my times...best time at PI was 2:03 while the faster 400s were doing something like 1:50s. At Broadford I did my best at about 1:10s...others are doing 1:06-1:08s.

    I can't remember what compound, but I believe it was medium front and soft rear.

    EDIT: Forgot to ask, what branded tyres are they? $300 a set is pretty cheap.
  12. I'm out of touch with Bridgestone sizes and prices but that's around the mark. What about installation? If you're in Sydney I'd advise WRP for Bridgestones.
  13. i purchased the front for $215 from craig, $183 from ebay.. hopefully i can get both of these fitted for cheap..

    anyone know a cheap place in melbourne ? i can bring the rims in
  14. Or you can ask Craig, he has some sort of recipricol arrangement with someone in Melbourne, they may fit them either for free or at mates' rates.
  15. thanks guys, you've been amazing help!

    i'll support netrider business and go with MMMTS
  16. Yeh I got my slicks from Craig too, top block and great prices. The k2 slicks were 440.

    They also do the Pirelli and metzeller "track day slicks" targeted at medium paced riders. I was originally gonna get them but he'd ran out so I got the proper race slicks.

    The metzler comp k are like $380 and are supposed to be very durable and don't require suspension changes to suit (stiffer carcus like a road based tyre apparently). After going to the race slicks I'm happy with the durability but found my suspension couldn't keep up so I got my springs and valving done ASAP after that.
  17. hey guys, got the tyre from craig wilson.

    I told him i needed a front slick for a vfr400 which is sized 120/60-17

    he sent me a bridgestone 125/60-17.

    I'm running a 155 rear as opposed to 150. Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem?