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{Moved from General} How long before going for fulls?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emmz01, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I have had my L's for approximately 3 months now and I am just wondering peoples general opinions of how long one should wait to sit the first license.

    I feel like I am doing well so far however just wondering how much time I should wait before sitting the next stage?
  2. It's up to the individual, everyone is different.
    I did my P's test before my 3 months was up (when I did mine in NSW the rules were quite different for people over 30 with a full drivers licence)
  3. I've been thinking the same thing Em (I got my Ls about the same time you did). It depends on how much you've been riding. You also get 3 attempts in SA, so there probably isn't any harm going in. If you don't pass, at least you'll know what you need to work on.

    I've tried to swap the car for the bike whenever possible (read: no passengers). I think I just need to actually spend some time practicing full-lock U turns and the other slow speed maneuvers, since that's what the test mostly consists of. Surely if I can do all the low speed stuff on a V Star, those TU250s they use for the tests will be like riding a pushbike!
  4. A mate and I booked for the R-Date around the same time and went out together practicing the U-Turns, Emergency Stop etc.

    Two pieces of advice for Adelaidians...Practise Practise Practise and when you get to the course, the CB125E they have now (As well as the TU250) is the easiest thing I've ever ridden for Uturns/slow speed so walk past the 250s straight to the CB.
  5. im in VIC and have been on L's for 3.5 months. Here we can take the licence test after 3 months.

    I am going to do the test only, which is $170.
    A half day course and test is $240

    Some centres do not have the option of test only. They gave me the reason that people are likely to fail if they sit just the test and not go through their 4 hour training course
  6. Bit different in SA - You have to do the half day RiderSafe Advanced course, which has a test at the end. You have three attempts to pass (but need to re-book and come back another day).
  7. As a RE (restricted) license holder here in Qld I can ride anything up to 650cc. I think I'm going to be fine with that, honestly. I can upgrade to a full R license in 10 months, but I don't think I'll need to.

    Unless I feel the need to go Harley or Victory. The damned Victory site keeps dragging me back in. :)
  8. I spent first 3 months during Learner stage in VIC riding most weekends (thankfully under mentorship of very competent riders) and 6000km later did the half day license and then test.

    Still amazes me how basic the requirements are - quick stops from 20km/h to demonstrate a riders competency are an absolute joke!

    I think most riders can easily pass the test after a couple of weekends of practising low speed manoeuvres. Book it now (provided SA test is similar to VIC), chances are you will do well.

  9. A couple of weeks? Hell, I think someone could pass it in the same day they swing a leg over a motorbike for the first time. Certainly anyone with good pushbike skills could anyway.
  10. Most could, some couldn't - I've seen more than a few folk ignore instructions and crap up on simple tests with a bit of pressure.

    My point was, if you and can hold a bike upright at speeds of 30km/h without your balls sweating, whether day 1 or week 2, you can book the test and pass easily.

    OP, hope you nail it :)
  11. I'm in Vic, and I waited out the term of my ls (minus one month in case I failed). I took the "full day course" which consisted of running through every test item until the instructor was satisfied we'd pass that section.

    If you feel confident now, then go for it- I only waited because I lack confidence in tests :)
  12. I did it in Vic and I honestly think you could do the l and p tests back to back. There wasn't a lot between them.

    System is pretty rubbish. Needs an overhaul. It's no wonder so many new riders have accidents.