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{Moved from General} Help me decide

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by staticallydynamic, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. So I just posted a new member introduction: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=125788#.Tn8WIUfczW4

    I am currently saving for a new bike alongside whatever I get for my current bike, and I need your advice to help me pick which is best for me! (from your perspective, I do understand nothing is like trying before buying.. I will do that too)
    Anyways first I'll start off with a little background of my riding skill & my current bike, then I will follow that with why I am down to these 3 bikes.

    Riding Background:
    So I got my p's in April of this year. I tend to ride AT LEAST once in 3 weeks at the very least. But I try and ride once a week if I can, probably should ride more because I do love it! But it's been quite cold lately.. probably why I haven't. I use my car for commuting and my bike more recreationally or to ride to my girlfriends.. (that can save a ******* load of money) :)

    My skills I would say are still novice, which I don't think is unusual considering I had no MOTORbike experience prior to me getting my L's.
    But hell.. I'm still trying to wheelie my bicycle.](*,) (I even did DH riding a few times.. but I gave up as it's a little too intense.. and not very convenient.. and very expensive!)

    I need to improve on a few aspects such as cornering being the main one. I think I've got my clutch/throttle control fairly average now. No problems with that.

    I'd like to also mention that I WEIGH 55KG.. yes that is correct. And at 5'9. I'm skinny, yes I know I need to eat more. But I can't help it.
    So, keep in mind that a what you call a light bike may not be so for me!

    But I'd hopefully be wanting to spend around 12,000K max. :|

    Why I chose these bikes/My current Bike

    Well my VTR250 is great for anything UNDER 80KM/H. This being.. no sixth gear. This makes overtaking terrible. Especially how I like to ride highways and mountain roads. I think it's every time I go riding not once to I remember to not shift up after fifth.. but you can't blame me.. at 100km/h this bike is doing 7200RPM! With a redline of like 10500. You can see this isn't a bike I want to keep very long! But I do love it, it's very forgiving and very easy to learn on. If I could have both, I would. Oh and it surprisingly sounds good too.. even for just a 250. Anyway rambling on here haha.

    FIRESTORM.. well I do love Honda's.. I own a Honda car and motorbike.
    So no surprises here. My VTR250 has made me fall in love with the vibration and torquey motor of the V-TWIN engine. And not to mention the beautiful note. So, the next evolution of this is the VTR1000F.

    Would this be a suitable bike to jump to, I ask this because I really didn't want to go over 600CCs but, I'm told they aren't too unpredictable and should be manageable for a 2nd bike. Is this true? They are pretty cheap too, and I love the semi-naked look and twin exhaust out the back. They sound amazing, well yes VTWIN once again. And I love also, how low midrange RPM's can get you ontop of a steep hill. So sexy.

    The Corolla of the motorcycle world. What can I say, cheap! for what they are. Fast, and sleek. Would this help me brush up on my cornering skills? (referring to the sports-position and chassis, not the powerful motor)
    I also before I got my L's was set on one. I love them, but thinking rationally.. I don't think it is entirely suited to what I want to use my bike for. But then again, people use them for pretty much all road-type riding so maybe it's pretty well suited to all riding apart from just twisties too?

    This has it all. The amazing note of the 3CYL engine (because I can't decide between 2 and 4) The amazing look of the naked body (I love the styling, and CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THE TWIN HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!!)
    I'm a major fan of this bike, it's comfortable riding position and performance too, people say it's the most predictable bike as it has the smoothest powerband! Is it perfect? But also.. EXPENSIVE!? I'd be looking to buy used.. and I want to buy one with under <10,000k's if I can.

    Once again, I love corners and V-TWINS.. put them together with naked- styling (really prefer non-plastic bodies. but cruisers is not my thing!)
    And the classic, Italian styled beauty. Really like the look of them. Actually, more so the older ones. But I'm told, expensive maintenance, performance is not on track with the ST ^ and hey, I can't get over the twin headlights of the street tripple, or the engine note. But anyways, thought I'd include this bike as I've spent countless hours on youtube watching it in action.

    Thanks guys, for the advice.. if I get any (maybe I will regret making my questions so long) But I'd really like my next bike to be perfect. So if you can take the time and help me out.. I will appreciate it and you will find me happily cruising along one day with my shiny new bike :D :D
  2. Hi all, I am really indecisive about what I should do. I am going to get my road licence in a couple of weeks. I am doing my first lesson on Monday and probably Qride the following Monday.

    I currently ride a Yamaha TTR 230 and do really like dirt bike riding. Currently with work I won't be able to ride as much as I would like. Most of my friends are riding dirt bikes and only a couple have road bikes.

    I don't know whether I should sell my Yamaha and buy a road bike or upgrade my dirt bike to a bike I can register.

    I will be using bike for secondary transportation if my car fails. I really would like 2 bikes lol but will have to save up.

    If I got a road bike I know I would use it most days. If I get a dirt bike I can register I am worried about tires if I ride
    it on road and dirt.
  3. If it were me I would just run 2 bikes, One for road, One for dirt. If 2 isn't feasibile have you considered the option of tracking down a motard kit for your yammy. Up to you at the end of the day.
  4. Thank you Gardz, if money was not a problem I would have 2 bikes. I just can't decide whether to get a road bike and save up for another dirt bike or get a road registered dirt bike. I have an option of swapping my Yamaha for a Wr250f
  5. If it were me, and I could afford it, I'd keep the Yam and just buy a dedicated road bike.
    Outgoings on TTR can't be that much can they?
  6. WR with motard kit would be pretty sweet.
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  7. Strong thumper indeed.
  8. Drz400 or DR650
    Both are basic, will not need much maintenance, will handle commuting as well as
    Trail riding. Fit 50/50 tyres.
    I have a mix of bikes; however, l definately ride my DR650 the most!, it does everything easily.
    If you decide to hang onto the ttr230 (un-reg'd) for blasting through the bush, beware if you get nabbed on it whilst on L's or P's, it may cost you your licence plus $$$.
    If your mates are into dirtbikes, go that way! As it can get boring/lonely if you are on the odd bke.
  9. So update all, Things did not turn out to plan, Its is now March 2015 and I still have not got my licence. Funny enough things are still the same, except for different job and now work both Saturday and Sunday. The only difference now is I am actually going to do Qride on Tuesday :) and I know I will not be able to go dirt bike riding unless my friends take a sickie on a Tuesday.