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{Moved from General} Helmet lock effectivness

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ameoba, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. So I've just begun driving my CBF250 to work and parking it in the building car park.
    Rather than carry my helmet into the office I thought it would be a good plan to hang it from the helmet lock on the side of the bike.
    Is there any downside to hanging the helmet there all day long, every weekday? The helmet is currently in the brand-new-I-notice-every-smudge stage and I don't want to damage it this close to it's purchase.

  2. There are a few risks with leaving your helmet attached to your bike. You need to work out what level of risk there is and if you're prepared to accept that risk.

    1. People have been know to take dump or piss in to someones helmet.
    2. Helmet straps are not impervious to knives - someone may cut the strap and take the helmet.
    3. If your bike gets knocked over/falls over it could land on the helmet - I've actually seen that happen.

    Personally, the only time I leave my helmet on my bike is if it will be in view the whole time. If not I take the helmet with me.
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  3. Good points to consider, I like to think that given that this car park is under the office building I won't have random people off the street walking through to kick my bike. But office staff could still like to steal my helmet I guess.
  4. I just like to have a little rant that this pisses me off generally, where I park it is hard to get on a bike when some twatnob has their helmet sticking out the side. Is it really that hard to carry it?
  5. An ex-army friend informed me of the practice of "cheesing" items such as helmets, earmuffs, goggles, binoculars etc. It was sufficient to make sure I never leave my helmet where I can't see it.
  6. yep, fcuking funny too, as long as it's not you it's happened to.
  7. Ha
    Had I accepted the commission I was offered I expect it would have happened to me, and I don't know how I would have reacted. Well enough to earn or keep the respect of my squad I hope.
  8. In my experience this only happened to the Officers that were liked and could take a joke.....
  9. Don't know what I'd find worse, my bike having fallen on the helmet or someone 'cheesing' it...
  10. In tight spots I completely agree, gets in the way. Luckily this building's car park has plenty of room. And it's not so much the carrying, but the putting it somewhere at my desk. (I'm also kinda lazy, after all, laziness is the first step to efficiency)
  11. 'cheesing' is worse. At least if your bike has fallen on the helmet you'll know it BEFORE you put it on your head....
  12. and who made the mistake of leaving their gear laying around ... or so I'm told.
  13. Yeah that rant wasn't at you just the universe in general.
  14. hehehehe
  15. Leaving your helmet next to a nice warm engine is an invitation to things that like nice warm spaces. Like cockroaches and spiders.
    Cockroaches really love warm, slightly moist places to breed, lay eggs, and hang with their homies, so a helmet that has not only your sweat and body heat (and residual engine heat) but all so your tasty tasty skin cells to feed on, is a fantastic place to be.

    In saying that, I use my helmet lock all the time, especially if I'm leaving my bike in a bunch of other bikes, or if I'm somewhere where I don't want to carry something around all day. I've never had anyone do anything to my helmet or bike, but I check for roaches verrrry carefully.
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