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{Moved from General} HART Advanced II

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Boysie, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hi, I was given the HART Advanced II riders course for Christmas. Just wondering what's actually covered on the day. I've looked at the website but more looking to hear from someone who's actually done a day.

  2. Did you do intermediate and advanced 1?
    I think you can't do adv 2 skipping those.

    The guy on the intermediate told that adv 2 is the same course as intermediate and adv 1 but much deeper in details (and of course on track).
  3. I believe you only need to do intermediate OR advanced I, not both.
  4. did it a year or so ago. its at Broadford. from memory it starts with usual emergency braking and swerving but at a decent speed. then cornering and track focused stuff. fair bit of free riding at the end. a good day.
  5. Correct, I did Advanced I and Advanced II but skipped Intermediate.

    Advanced II is much more focused on bike handling rather than road craft. You practice counter steering, turning in late, emergency braking etc. Plus there is quite a bit of time spent just riding around the track which is fun (you also get to do Broadford backwards which is interesting ;) ).
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  6. I wonder how the crash-corner looks like going backwards :)
    Damn it, I need to do that!
  7. Yeah I got the Advanced I course for Christmas last yr. I'm kinda hoping it's a bit more track oriented as cornering is where I'd like to improve more.
  8. Crash corner is pretty similar in both directions, just turning left instead of right. ;) The one that really gets you is the big up hill right hander at the end of the front straight (turn 1) which becomes a huge downhill left hander, makes you realize just how steep it is.

    Boysie, if you're after something more technique oriented then Advanced II should fit the bill. It's not really "track oriented" per se, but certainly much more focused on how to ride the bike than Advanced I.
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  9. I'd be keen to hear your opinion when you have done it Boysie. I did teh Stay Upright Intermediate which I thought was good but looking to keep improving my riding.