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{Moved from General} Harley davidson Blacktown

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by basejumper, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Had a good mate of mine destroy his ducati panigale in a huge stack that should have killed him. He decided to get himself a Harley to cruise around in and save his hooning for his cbr1000 track bike at the creek. He brought himself a fat boy lo from Harley Davidson Blacktown. After about 2 weeks of trying to keep up with a few of us one of whom was on a v-rod he decided he had made a big mistake and that the fat boy didn't have the power he wanted. He doesn't want to do anything silly but just to do the limit up hills on the freeway etc. We got to the pie and he was not happy. He owned a sporty 15 years ago that he said went well and that's what he thought the fat boy would go like. We think the sporty had had a lot of engine work done to it. Any how I told him to ring blacktown up and explain his situation and see what sort of a deal they could do him for a v-rod. He had done 400klms on his fat boy. I thought his mistake was going to cost him a fair chunk of cash. Anyhow the salesman at the Harley shop told him to bring it back and swap it for a brand new v-rod at no cost (He did put some pipes on his fat boy). They really gave him a good deal and looked after him. I was quite surprised as I have heard many a story about other dealerships not wanting to know u once u left on your new bike, not to mention any names (West Gosford, cough cough). He was over the moon riding his new v-rod back home and he loved the way it handled and went.
    Its good to see a dealership making sure a customer is happy and I know that when my body packs it in and I can no longer ride sports bikes ill be heading straight for blacktown.
    By the way I have no association with the shop and I don't know anyone who works there and I have never brought anything there before.
    Just thought I would post this and give the shop credit where I think its due. cheers

  2. Nice to hear a good dealer story for a change.

    To anyone else who's considering a new ride, it always pays to test ride first (if you can) it will cost you time but may save you $1,000's - not everyone gets dealers such as the above mentioned one.