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{Moved from General} Foamy white stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by The Hack, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Anyone know what that foamy white stuff is on the roads during this morning's wet weather (Melbourne) commute?
    It looks like detergent and runs down the worn sections of roadway and is doubly evident at intersections.
    I figure it must be some car run off loosened by the wet but exactly what is it, and will it increase the risk of a slide?

  2. I see this thread going as badly as the "does anyone want a bunch of coat hangers?" thread.
  3. Well Melbourne has been sucking for so long, the mess had to go somewhere.
  4. oil dripping from leaking engines, prolonged dry weather means lots on the road, now getting mixed with water.

    watch yourself.......
  5. Aerated emulsion of trace oil and water.

    Don't fang it until the roads are well washed, then you can expect somewhere between 10-20% less traction due to water on a good bitument surface so dial it back accordingly.
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  6. So glad the guy I bought my first bike from is working today so I can't pick it up.

    I had things on last night so couldn't get it in the nice sunshine.

    Here is hoping for a dry morning tomorrow
  7. aaah...an aerated emulsion. Thanks Rob.
    It is not your standard oil slick which I am accustomed to, but I figured it had something to do with car goop.
  8. I can't believe a sensible answer was offered herein.....

    We are all loosing touch.
  9. There's another reason too which I don't understand the exact mechanism why, but it relates to heavy pollen dust which forms a foam when stirred up in water. TTBOMK it is not slippery.

    Well I have been commended for having a loose touch...
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