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{Moved from General} Fail to obey traffic lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by xbeejx, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Copped a bastard camera fine today.
    3 points and $352
    It says road rule 59 and 60

    Basically I went through the red and turned right in the intersection.

    This seems like it is 2 offences I am being charged with. One for going through the red. Another for turning right against the red arrow.

    In my mind it is one offence. Either from the perspective of going through the red and being in the intersection OR going through the red arrow.

    Surely they cant have it both ways, a charge for disobeying both the red light AND the red arrow.

    Can someone shed some light on this for me please?
  2. Re: Fail to obey traffic lights

    If it's "only" 3 points and $350 it sounds like they're charging you once and pointing out you broke two laws.
  3. Re: Fail to obey traffic lights

    $350 is definately only one fine. It would be $700 if you were done for both.

    He probably wrote both down in case you dispute it, then they can impose both fines if you lose
  4. Re: Fail to obey traffic lights

    3 points is the standard penalty for red light offences. It is one offence only.
  5. Re: Fail to obey traffic lights

    in other words you're SOL
  6. It is only one offense, they're just pointing out which rules were broken in accordance to the offense. It's not that they've simply decided to only charge you for one, it's all combined.

    If for example you were speeding and ran the red light, then you would have not only be told the two rules which were broken, but also fined for both, as they would be considered separate offenses.

    Make sense?
  7. More to the point if you'd been on netrider over the past 4 years and posted more than 3 times . You may have know that''':bolt: