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{Moved from General} Entry level motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Donmotorcyclemaniac, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. I was about the go pick up a CT110 from pickies in Sydney next week. Saving up for months to get back on the road.

    I have just read that the humble postie bike are now auctioning for $1800 instead of $600-$800! Is there a cheaper alternative for poor people that would like to increase their job opportunities with better transport? I am not a yuppie joy rider with money for a super bike. Please don't post a picture of a push bike. I am in Newcastle. Thanks for your help in getting me back on the road.
  2. I made this post on another motorcycle forum asking about economical motorcycle options and they posted a picture of a push bike and suggested I make a post on this forum.

    I am looking for the cheapest reliable personal transport options that won't make me regret my purchase when the repair bills stack up into the thousands and I give the motorcycle away is despair.

    After months of saving money I had planned to purchase a CT110 next week at pickies auction in Sydney but I have heard they are now selling for $1800 which is too much.

    I have considered assembling a motorcycle from parts but am unsure if that would save money or result in an road legal motorcycle.

    TLDR: Reliable Broom Broom for <$1000.
  3. I can see why they posted a picture of a bicycle.

    I won't say its impossible. But you would have to get really really lucky to find something reliable for that cheap.
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  4. If 1800 is too much you may have trouble getting something registered, economical and reliable.

    CT110, CB125, CBR125R. All very reliable and economical. I sold my CBR125R for 1200 so maybe you can find one of those (it had plenty of mileage but not very old).
  5. Reliable transport for < $1000.00.

    I'd almost suggest public transport tickets, but that's not really all that reliable.

    Yep, I'd agree with the other forum, buy a push bike....
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  6. mate even if you find a cheapie up front, its not till after a year of ownership that you can tell the real cost of a mbike (cars, etc). once the bugs have been sorted and problems ironed out. save up a little longer and get something more substantial than a scrap heap that is JUST working.
  7. What about an electric pushbike?
  8. You want a functioning reliable motorbike for less than $1,000?

    Have you factored in insurance, helmet, jacket, pants, boots, replacement tyres?

    Are you strongly mechanically minded? You're going to likely have a lot of work to do on anything you buy.

    If you want something that cheap call around the rider training schools and see if they have some old ones to sell. They're usually sub $1,000 and well maintained even if they've got numerous tank dints.
  9. I bought a pushbike for more than that...

    Get an old postie. They are almost indestructible - I think Mythbusters proved it... but as far as they go for every day motorcycling, I think you will rue this path. Top speed new is <80km/h.
  10. A bloke I used to work with was a lycra wearing fag who raced the fcuking things on the road and velodrome.

    His track bike (no gears) - $10,000. His road bike $20,000
  11. Honda Lead.
  12. hahaha, no chance I'd ever pay that... but I test rode a >$10k roadie once and it made mine look and feel like a slothful slug... you get what you pay for.

    [offtopic] The fag reference is funny. There's a closer association with the stereotypical fag and leather than lycra and PTW riders wear leather... so who looks more like the stereotypical fag then?? But I digress. [/offtopic]
  13. I think you misunderstand. The guy was actually gay.
  14. HAHAHAHAHA! lol really?

    What relevance was his sexuality then mate?

    "Lycra wearing fag" is a common putdown against cyclists.
  15. I think this is the best advice.

    Buy an electric bike (the ones that you can pedal too) and your running costs will be very minimal. They can be had new for around $1,000 and will easily do around 50-60kmh.
  16. I hate to say it here, but a decent second hand scooter is probably a good start.
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  17. Probably the only gay guy in Wagga.
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  18. A legal electric push bike is designed so that that the assistance drops out at 25km/h.

  19. I know that. In this case it is an appropriate description.
  20. I'm not sure about that. But, I'm pretty sure the hairdresser my wife goes to is gay.