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{Moved from General} Dunlop D616 High Performance Radial Tires

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. I made the decision a while back to purchase a No-Mar Cycle Hill tire changer as well as import my own tires and change them myself.

    I have been using Michelin PR3 tires, good tires but I wanted to see what other tires are like - Grip /wear etc so I decided that I would try a set of Dunlop D616 tires, I fitted them a fortnight ago.

    Dunlop D616 high performance radial tires


    Dunlop D616 Specs

    No Mar - Cycle Hill tire changer - Front tire


    No Mar - Wheel Balancer - Front tire


    Front tire - Fitted


    Rear tire - Fitted


    I went for a 120 km ride to clean the mold release agent off in preparation for a longer ride the following week.

    I gave these D616 tires a good work out on Saturday (19 Oct 13),
    Rode down to Wisemans Ferry to meet up with Radar for a chat and a ride.

    Along the way they got tested, twisties (Putty), grass, gravel, corrugations etc Lower Colo / Lower Portland).

    Then they got tested again following Radar back to Swansea, he is no slouch.......

    These tires stick to a sealed road like sh*t on a blanket, good on gravel surfaces as well, I took my GTR places I would never have dared on the PR3"s or similar tires.

    At this point I can not say what mileage I will get.

    On a smooth road you can hear them hum, not real loud or distracting but its there, I did not hear them on rougher sealed roads.

    No complaints about how they handle.

    They are supposed to be good in the rain too, guess I will find out next time I ride in the rain

    Photos and videos


  2. i have actually read they make good adventure bike tyres and grip well on loose surfaces
  3. Hey Highett, it's Doc. Stop teasing me with those tyres :)

    I was re-reading your other post on DRA, getting ideas... My bridgestones are losing the plot. Rear is ok, but front is wasted.

  4. Yep they most certainly do

  5. Hi Doc,

    Fancy running into you here,

    So are you going to try a set?

    I quite often turn off the main road for a look see if there is something interesting, trouble is that it usually ends up being a grave a track that's a bit rough, these D616 make gravel and loose surfaces not so intimidating for a 300+ kilo sports tourer.

    I like them, value for money is also important so Ill run them into the ground and see what mileage I get out of them, won't take long

  6. Mate, I'm considering it, put it that way. Will be either import a set of them, or bolt on a set of the Dunlop Roadsmart 2's.

    The thing I like about the 616's is the wet road potential.
  7. I think these will be more than potential for good performance in the wet, although I have not confirmed it myself yet, I have not seen any reason to doubt them.

    If you have a look at the Dunlop D616 Spec sheet linked under the initial photo of the tires you will see what Dunlop says about them.

    I got mine from Jake Wilson, pretty quick delivery, I will buy from them again

  8. They were initially made with assistance from buell for their bikes
  9. How much did the No-Mar cycle hill tyre changer cost you if you dont mind me asking? Been thinking similarly

  10. It was not cheap, the delivery was almost the same as the cost of the unit

    I suggest that you go to their site NoMar and have a look, you can get delivery cost as well to your address.

    I bought the deluxe version with wheel balancer, USD to AUD can work for or against depending on currency rates at the time.

    I though it was worth the cost, it has been my plan to set up to do my own servicing and tires for some time, I am almost there now

    The convenience of importing my own tires, getting what I want and fitting them when it suits me plus the huge savings on the cost against local supply and fit will pay for the NoMar.


  11. I did my research before I bought them, so yes I saw posts on forums with regards to Buell and some other riders who had tried them.

    Lot of differing opinions out there.

    That's why I am trialing them myself, my bike is a large sports tourer which is a different class of bike to a Buell.

    I am happy so far but i am going to have to wear them out to see what mileage I can get out of them.

  12. And my ride is near enough to yours, to make your experience relevant.

    Oh okay fine! You have more horsepower. DAMN YOU!!!!

    But mine parts traffic like a bearded, turban wearing dude parts the crowd at the airport...

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  13. And have you found it easy to change tyres?

  14. The first tire change was hard work as I was learning the technique, no problems now.

    I have tire pressure sensors in my rims and I was initially concerned with breaking them while changing the tires as they are expensive to replace however I never had a problem with them.

    Balancing was easy, very basic instructions but that's all you need.


  15. Its nice to have but you know what, I do not think it matters that much, our bikes are pretty closely matched.

    Besides on a run is not about hp its about going the distance in the allotted time frame

  16. Wear update - Dunlop D616 - 4,000 km

    The only negative thing I can say about the D616 is the humming, it not enough to be annoying but you can hear it, mostly at low speed on smooth surfaces.

    Handling and traction is very good.

    The last 2600kms was fully loaded, spare fuel (10ltrs) swag, food & water and cold weather gear etc.


    Front left

    Front Center

    Front Right

    Rear Left

    Rear Center

    Rear Right