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{Moved from General} Ducati 400 Monster: Next LAM's bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mark Gibbons, May 15, 2013.

  1. Already over owning a 250, and I'm looking at something that I can continue to use happily even when my restrictions end, but finding out recently that the Ducati m400 is within the budget, and learner legal, was wondering if anyone has any info, opinions, etc.

    It's either a 2000 Model Ducati 400, or a 2010+ Hyosung 650,
    can't see much else on the table yet, any thoughts?

  2. What's your budget, I'm guessing 5k. The Ducati will still be worth close to that in a years time probably, the Hyodung, well you might have to give it away ;)
  3. Go and ride a 400 Monster,its not a bike you will want to ride after your restrictions.
  4. Why don't you just hang on to your bike until your restrictions end, learn to ride it well, and then upgrade to something nicer once you've got your full licence?

    There are lots of interesting, cheap bikes that aren't learner legal that you'll be able to consider next year. In the mean time, if you're not having fun on your 250, you're doing it wrong.
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  5. Not everyone is happy with the limitations of a 250
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  6. Mate I'd advise you to steer clear of the 400. Strongly. I rode the 400cc after my ZZR250 was written off and it was horrid. Horrible turning circle and the engine had really strange gearings. I'd sell it pretty quick if I had one.

    I settled on the Monster 600 instead and am glad I did. It sits on the scale at 149kW/t stock but after a jet kit and severe works my butt dyno says its well over 400kW/t. I've literally pulled the bike to pieces and rebuilt it and it's awesome. Managed to fix that crap turning circle, and then I went and buggered it up again by putting a 180 rear tyre on.

    If you need any help or advice on getting a Duke Monster, shout out!

    EDIT: And I thought I'd add, I'm not upgrading for a while despite getting off restrictions 3 months ago. It's more comfortable than a modern Monster and perfect to commute on (Maidstone to Hawthorn across the bridge and through the tunnel every day)
  7. Oh absolutely, and when I'm off my restrictions later this year I expect I'll be upgrading soon afterwards. But given Mark Gibbons' posting history here, I'd suggest that upgrading the rider should be more of a priority than upgrading the bike.
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  8. So a Camry for him perhaps ?
  9. Oh snap!
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  10. U might afford the sale price for the Ducati..... But can you afford the servicing???

    I was thinking recently about upgrading our vtr to a monster400.... Ended up deciding it'd be better to wait till the girly practiced some more and get an m600. 400s are grey imports as well...
  11. On that note, strongly suggest learning to do the servicing yourself. http://www.ducatisuite.com/ this guy shows you how to do it all basically. I started by learning how to do the oil, then the cam belts, then the jet kit, and finally the sprockets and chain. Half the fun in owning an old Ducati is working on it :)
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  12. ^^^^^^this
  13. Yep,fun is working on m/bikes.
    I have 1 or 3 I work on.

    Still,if you want my thoughts--DO NOT buy a M400
    But I guess you will decide that.
  14. I second that, I've ridden a 400 and a 600 monster and a 600 with some Staintunes on it had a ton of character and decent enough to ride. Certainly more interesting than my ER5
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  15. get a hyo....just do it....if it falls apart shit happens - or dont be a dick and just buy a 400 grey import like the zxr/cbr 400's
  16. How long have you been riding? i was on a 250 for about 9 months before i moved up to a 400cc (albeit a significantly more powerful one than a M400, which is renowned to be a shit, slow and crap bike, the 600/620 is much better) Only upgrade when you are riding the wheels off your 250, i had no chicken strips and scrubbed in knee sliders, i figured it was time to move up.

    If you still have more to go on your bike, i would keep it for longer. Especially if you have a CBR250RR 4cyl model, it takes a long time to ride the wheels of them, take it to the track, work on your technique, they are a great bike to develop your skills on.

    But possible good upgrade options, RVF400 (very unforgiving, you want to be good before you hop on one of them else your going to get kicked off), M620, uhh you could go for a CBR400 or ZXR400 but they are hard to find. There is always the restricted bikes but personally i would never buy something with a brick under the accelerator, but they are an option.

    EDIT: Blabbs is saying dont buy a ducati, if he doesnt think its good its probably terrible.
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  17. Dont buy one,get a HHHHHHHonda.

    And I have 12 Ducatis---alas no 400's
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    I felt exactly the same way, but instead of switching to another LAMS bike, I just purchased my upgrade bike. It'll have to sit in the garage for a few months, but that will just build up the excitement.

    Just wait till your restrictions is over and get a real upgrade when the universe of bikes opens up to you. You can purchase some really nice older bikes for $5K.

    At the end of the day anything classified as LAMS has restricted power that you will eventually get tired of and you'll want to upgrade again anyways.

    However, the CB400 would probably be a nice LAMS switch, and you probably wouldn't get tired of that too quickly, but it's out of your price range.
  19. Yeah, $5,000 is the budget that I'd like to spend, most LAM's bikes seem to be around that. CBR 500R was something I was interested in for awhile.

    Tsk Tsk - Joined a year ago, as a complete novice, asked some questions that you found (as well as a few others) found to be stupid, and you're still throwing your fingers around any chance you can get? My my. I'm not even going to bother.

    The 600's seem expensive- excluding one of the fully faired mondels that I saw recently, that fits in but I'm really wanting to switch to a naked.


    Just needed some opinions, staying clear from the 400-
    just wanted something that isn't from the 80's, and has a little more torque.
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    What, really? They are not. I had one for ages and it is a tad twitchy in slower corners but fantastic when you get moving. The biggest problem with RVF400s in my opinion is tyre choice.