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{Moved from General} Dodging bullets!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fitzer6n, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    I ride roughly 700 klms a week to get to and from work on a daily basis and encounter both morning and afternoon rush hour traffic, so, as you can imagine I see some scary manouvres from day to day. Last friday took the biscuit!

    While on my way to work I was doing my usaul low speed lane splitting when the next car to pass rammed its front end directly in my path, some braking and a turn in the oppisite direction was greeted by said car jerking left to "finish" the job! luckily the em alowed enough space to dart around, as i turned and looked back in disbelief at an act of pure violence I was greet by a girl in her early twenties in the drivers seat with middle finger extended!! WTF??

    That same day returning home I was passed on the motorway by a youngish guy in a Mitsubishi evolution, I decide to sit back a little and give extra space. In a split second he tried to dodge some plastic on the road resulting in oversteer and sending him into the jersy barrier with bounced him diagonaly accross 3 lanes, but more inportantly accross me!! Hard anchors for the second time that day!! He wrote his car off!!

    Anyone had some crazy sh@t happen recently?? Maybe its the cold weather causing Brain freez, I'm glad I keep mine warm!
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  2. nothing pisses me off more than people in cars trying to deliberately block your path.

    However, I must say, its pretty funny when you're slowly filtering and the stupid car makes his dumb move too soon, and you can easily slow down and just filter down the other side of him (say its a 3 lane road and hes in the middle lane) I love that look on their face as I roll past :)
  3. ah ... the joys of commuting :eek: despite the infringements on personal space and the general lack of care by other commuters it is still is a wonderful game :D what else would give you a similar adrenaline rush??

    Glad the OP missed the hazards (y)
  4. The first moron that tries to block or mame me on purpose gets a carbon fibre knuckle pad to the face! Through glass if it has to be!!
  5. The advantage riding a bloody great white BMW. The morons likely to cause you grief, have usually paid so little attention to the world beyond their bonnet, that they think your a cop until your past them.
  6. See this guy once or twice a week, this was last week. He always slowley moves over so splitting bikes can't get past, you can see him laughing in the mirror, he thinks it is a great joke. This is not like the OP which was dangerous this guy is just a tool.


  7. Probably wan'ts your bike, I know i do!